Fromm vs. Blue Buffalo

Fromm vs Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo and Fromm Family are both highly respected pet food brands. In pet food lingo, these brands would be considered premium quality pet food brands.

In the pet food industry, Blue Buffalo is considered one of the largest manufacturer of pet food products. In fact, Blue Buffalo sells more than one billion dollars of pet food annually.

On the other hand, Fromm Family is not nearly as large as Blue Buffalo. Although Fromm is a much older brand, relative to Blue Buffalo, Fromm is a much smaller brand.

Interestingly enough, Blue Buffalo is less than two decades old (founded in 2002 by Bill Bishop). Whereas the Fromm brand sold its first bag of commercial dog food in 1949.

Blue Buffalo's rapid growth can largely be attributed to its masterful marketing tactics. The company uses more than 1,500 in-store product specialist alongside more traditional marketing techniques to quickly gain share in the pet food industry.

On one hand, we've got Blue Buffalo which generates more than 1 billion in sales and employs thousands of people. On the other hand we have Fromm Family which is a moderate-sized fifth-generation family-owned pet food company.

Country of Origin: Blue Buffalo vs. Fromm

Blue Buffalo is headquartered in Wilton, Connecticut; whereas Fromm Family is headquartered in Mequon, Wisconsin. Both brands produce all of their pet foods within the United States.

Here is the Fromm statement regarding where Fromm products are made:

All of our dry pet foods and low-fat treats are made at our family-owned-and-operated USDA-inspected plants in Wisconsin.

Our grain-free treats are made in Wisconsin at a USDA-inspected, partner plant.

Our canned recipes are made at our family-owned-and-operated cannery in Wisconsin.

Here is the Blue Buffalo statement regarding where Blue Buffalo products are made:

Are Blue Buffalo products manufactured in the U.S.?

Yes, all Blue Buffalo products are manufactured in the United States.

General Ingredient Comparison: Blue Buffalo vs. Fromm

The Blue Buffalo motto is "Love them like family. Feed them like family." To support this motto, the brand consistently emphasis the following properties of Blue Buffalo which they call the True Blue Promise.

  • No Chicken/Poultry By-Product Meals
  • No Corn, Wheat or Soy
  • No Artificial Preservatives, Colors or Flavors

These three characteristics are fairly common among most premium pet food brands. Ingredients such as corn, wheat, and artificial colors are typically found in lower-quality grocery store brands.

Fromm Family pet foods also follow this norm. None of the current Fromm pet foods contain any of the ingredients listed in the True Blue Promise. Therefore, both of these brands produce foods without fillers or dangerous artificial additives.

One additional characteristic that Blue Buffalo pushes to the consumer is the concept of LifeSource Bits. This term refers to small kibbles which contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

Although LifeSource Bits sound like an excellent idea, they are in large part a marketing technique. Most pet food brands simply include vitamin and mineral supplements into the overall recipe.

Blue Buffalo separates these vitamins and minerals into separate "bits" so that consumers can visually see the small pellets of vitamins and minerals. There really isn't any significant difference between the two approaches.

There is one interesting advantage associated with including LifeSource Bits which involves the cooking process. Blue Buffalo claims that the LifeSource Bits are "cold-formed." This means that the LifeSource Bits are exposed to less heat and therefore retain more potency.

Fromm Family Pet Foods also includes added vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. However, Fromm simply mixes these ingredients into the overall recipe.

So far, it appears that both Blue Buffalo & Fromm are equally good brands. To delve a little deeper, we've gathered data which shows the most common ingredients for each brand. The data is separated by species (dogs & cats) and food type (wet food & dry food).

Dry Pet Food Ingredient Analysis: Blue Buffalo vs. Fromm Family

Dry Dog Food Table

Blue Buffalo Fromm Family
1st Chicken Meal Chicken Meal
2nd Tapioca Starch Chicken
3rd Peas Oatmeal
4th Peas Pearled Barley
5th Potato Potato

Dry Cat Food Table

Blue Buffalo Fromm Family
1st Chicken Meal Chicken Meal
2nd Turkey Meal Pearled Barley
3rd Tapioca Starch White Rice
4th Peas Dried Whole Egg
5th Chicken Fat Dried Tomato Pomace

As we can see, the most common first ingredient for both Blue Buffalo & Fromm is chicken meal. After-which, the remaining four ingredients are mostly good quality sources of carbohydrates.

The breakdown for dry cat food is slightly more interested. Blue Buffalo seems to offer high quality animal-based ingredients whereas Fromm includes less nutritious ingredients such as white rice and tomato pomace. Considering that cats are widely consider obligate carnivores, Blue Buffalo seems to offer the better dry cat food ingredients.

Wet Pet Food Ingredient Analysis: Blue Buffalo vs. Fromm Family

Wet Cat Foods

Blue Buffalo Fromm Family
1st Chicken Broth Chicken Broth
2nd Water Chicken Liver
3rd Chicken Liver Duck
4th Chicken Liver Whitefish
5th Natural Flavor Tomato Paste

Wet Dog Foods

Blue Buffalo Fromm Family
1st Chicken Broth Chicken Broth
2nd Water Chicken Liver
3rd Chicken Liver Pearled Barley
4th Dried Egg Potato
5th Potato Carrot

Keep in mind, these tables are simply showing information derived from raw ingredient data without accounting for several very important variables. Therefore, the major take-away that we can see from these tables is that both brands utilize good quality ingredients and both brands include animal-based proteins within the first two ingredients.

Guaranteed Analysis Comparison - Blue Buffalo vs. Fromm

To facilitate comparison across different moisture levels (dry food & wet food), these numbers for crude protein, crude fat, and crude fiber are all represented in dry matter basis.

Average For Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Fromm Family
Crude Protein 31.85% 28.89%
Crude Fat 17.16% 15.59%
Crude Fiber 6.49% 5.09%

Average For Cat Food

Blue Buffalo Fromm Family
Crude Protein 39.64% 40.02%
Crude Fat 20.23% 22.51%
Crude Fiber 6.96% 5.74%

The average guaranteed analysis numbers are almost identical. These numbers are also in-line with most premium pet food brands. In general, you'll find great variety in protein content among various products offered by both Blue Buffalo and Fromm Family.

Product Availability - Where Can I Buy Blue Buffalo & Fromm

Blue Buffalo can be purchased at nearly all big-box pet supply stores. In addition, Blue Buffalo is also sold by most reputable online retailers. You're unlikely to have any trouble locating a store which carries Blue Buffalo.

In stark contrast to Blue Buffalo, Fromm Family is not widely available in big-box pet supply stores. In fact, Fromm is only sold by smaller independently owned pet supply stores.

If you prefer to shop online for pet food, availability doesn't really matter given that both brands are available online.

PawDiet offers price-comparison for both Blue Buffalo & Fromm Family. You can use our price comparison feature to located retailers and find the lowest price for any given Fromm or Blue Buffalo pet food.

Product Variety - What Kind of Foods Are Offered?

Fromm offers three primary product lines: Fromm Gold, Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals, and Fromm Classic. In total, Fromm offers less than 100 different types of dog and cat food; whereas Blue Buffalo offers more than 300 different products.

In general, more variety (especially 300+) is not necessarily a positive feature. Given that most pet owners feed the same product for an extended period of time, offering more than 300 products is simply a marketing tactic. By offers such a large selection, Blue Buffalo can target specific consumer groups which are likely to respond to different marketing techniques.

The difference between the number of products offered by each brand shouldn't be considered an advantage or disadvantage.

Price Difference - How Much Does Blue Buffalo & Fromm Cost?

These two brands are both relatively expensive. There is a lot of variety in price within each brand. The price you pay will depend on the product you select within each brand and which retailer you choose.

As we mentioned earlier, once you've chosen a product, check out our price comparison feature to locate the cheapest price before making a purchase. Our price comparison feature will show you the lowest price and any applicable coupons available.

In general, both Fromm and Blue Buffalo are priced at a similar price point. A 26 lbs bag of Fromm Heartland Gold Adult costs anywhere from $50 to $60.

Similarly, a 24 lbs bag of Blue Buffalo Basics Turkey & Potato Senior Dog Formula will cost between $48 and $60.