PawDiet's Terms Of Use

Pawdiet's services are provided under the terms of use described in this document. Any violation of our terms may result in revocation of rights to use our services and/or legal action. This document is subject to change and we encourage users to check our terms regularly and inquire if questions arise.

Data Retrieval Software

Pawdiet collects and organizes data on thousands of pet food products. This data is in turn provided to users through various 'front-end features'. These features should be used as they were intended. Any modification or manipulation of these tools is in direct violation of our terms of use. Specifically, the following are absolutely prohibited.

  • Any attempt to gather and store information without permission.
  • Any attempt to redistribute our content without permission.
  • Any use of automated web crawlers (bots) or similar technologies.

* Individuals and organizations with data licences are also subject to these terms. However, API access is not regarded as a font-end feature and therefore is governed by a different set of terms.

Electronic Mail and Telecommunication

Subscribers to our services which involve electronic mail or telecommunication through voice or text are subject to the following terms.

  • Messages by 'voice' or 'text' shall not be redistributed without permission
  • Unnecessary communication (spam) or communication with malice intent are strictly prohibited and may result in legal consequences