Dog & Cat Food Finder Guide

PawDiet's food finder can quickly find products which satisfy your pet's unique dietary restrictions. Whether your pet has food allergies or you're simply looking for new treats, our food finder can help you find the perfect product!

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Food Finder Reference

General Settings


Select dog, cat, or both. We recommend selecting only 1 species.

Product Type

Product type indicates the intended purpose of the product.

  • Formula
    • Complete meals designed for daily feeding (e.g. kibble).
  • Treat
    • Products designed for intermittent feeding or training (e.g. chicken jerky).
  • Dental
    • Products designed to promote oral health (e.g. dental bones).
  • Supplemental
    • Products designed to enhance your pets diet (e.g. krill oil).

Physical Food Form

Physical form is the form of the product at the time of purchase.

  • Dry
    • Low moisture products which are not freeze-dried (e.g. kibble, jerky, dental chews).
  • Wet
    • High moisture products (e.g. canned food, semi-moist products).
  • Frozen
    • Products which are frozen (e.g. frozen raw products, raw meaty bones).
  • Liquid *
    • Products in liquid form (e.g. oils, broths).

* Frozen liquid products are classified as "liquid"

Ingredient Quality

Ingredient quality selections are broad ingredient filtering options.

  • Free of Anonymous Meats
    • Anonymous meats are ingredients for which the specific animal in not specified.
  • Free of Animal By-Products
    • Animal by-products are parts of the animal which are typically not consumed by humans.
  • Free of Artificial Colors
    • Artificial colors are chemically synthesized dyes used to modify the appearance of the product.
  • Free of Artifical Flavors
    • Artificial flavors are mixtures of naturally occurring flavor compounds.
  • Free of Artifical Preservatives
    • Artificial preservatives are chemical substances used to slow down spoilage, discoloration, or contamination.

Special Diets

Special diets are common categorizations which either describe the product or its intended use.

  • Grain Free
    • Grain free products do not contain any grains (wheat, corn, rice, etc). Furthermore, grain free products are automatically gluten free.
  • Gluten Free
    • Gluten is a composite protein found in wheat, barley, and rye.
  • Raw Food
    • Raw food products are those which only contain raw ingredients. These products are intended for raw feeding, not for cooking.
  • Weight Control
    • Weight control products are designed for overweight dogs and cats. These products are formulated to assist in weight loss.
  • Prescription Diet
    • Prescription diets are intended to treat or manage health related issues.

Brands *

Select one or more brands. Only products from your selected brands will be included in the results.

* Very Restrictive

Pet's Age *

Select your pets age in years by moving the slider. By supplying an age, we can provide products designed for your pet's life stage.

* AAFCO life stage is not used in matching products, instead we use the manufacturer's recommendation. We currently do not support AAFCO life stage filtering.

Pet's Weight

Select your pet's weight in pounds by moving the slider. Unlike feline products, canine products are often classified by breed size. Supplying your pet's weight can help find products designed for your pet's breed size.

Advanced Settings

Nutrition Filter Ranges *

Use the sliders to specify a percentage range for crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber, and moisture.

* Dry matter percentages are not currently supported.

Ingredient Filters

Ingredient filtering lets you quickly filter out allergies and undesirable ingredients. You can use ingredient groups (recommended) or switch to actual ingredients for complete control.

Ingredient Groups vs. Actual Ingredients

Actual ingredients are the ingredients listed on the product's label. Ingredient groups are sets of similar ingredients. For example:

  • corn (ingredient group) includes dried corn, corn oil, ground corn, and so forth.
  • corn (actual ingredient) only includes corn.
Ingredient groups are recommended and sufficient in most cases. Users who require complete control should switch to actual ingredients.