Beneful IncrediBites Paté Filet Mignon Flavor In Savory Gravy Review

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Review of Beneful IncrediBites Paté Filet Mignon Flavor In Savory Gravy

According to our data, this Beneful recipe provides complete & balanced nutrition for the maintenance of adult dogs. In other words, this formula is AAFCO approved.

Beneful IncrediBites Paté Filet Mignon Flavor In Savory Gravy is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for the maintenance of adult dogs.

Review of Ingredients

In our review of Beneful IncrediBites Paté Filet Mignon Flavor In Savory Gravy, we'll examine all 31 ingredients and highlight the nutritional contribution of each ingredient.

While the first few ingredients typically dominate the recipe's composition, ingredients in small quantities can still have a meaningful impact on the overall nutritional profile of the recipe.

  1. Beef is a high-quality protein source that provides essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to support your dog's muscle development and overall health.

  2. Beef broth is a flavorful and hydrating ingredient that adds moisture to your dog's food, making it more appealing and easier to digest. It also provides essential nutrients and can help support overall health and well-being.

  3. Meat by-products are a source of protein and essential nutrients for your dog, such as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. They are derived from the non-rendered parts of animals, excluding meat, and can include organs, bones, and other tissues, providing a diverse range of nutrients.

  4. Liver is a nutrient-dense organ meat, high in protein, vitamins, and minerals, contributing to your dog's overall health and vitality.

  5. Chicken is a lean, easily digestible source of protein that provides essential nutrients for your dog's growth and maintenance. It's also a great source of vitamins and minerals to support overall health.

  6. Carrageenan is a natural thickening agent derived from seaweed that helps improve the texture and consistency of your dog's food.

  7. Locust bean gum is a natural thickening agent derived from the seeds of the carob tree. It is often used in dog food to improve texture and consistency, and has been deemed safe for consumption by dogs. While it does not provide significant nutritional value, it can help create a more appealing texture for your dog's food.

  8. Potassium chloride is an essential mineral supplement that helps maintain your dog's electrolyte balance and supports healthy nerve and muscle function.

  9. Magnesium Sulfate is a source of magnesium, necessary for many biochemical reactions in your dog's body, including protein synthesis and nerve function.

  10. Zinc sulfate is a source of the essential mineral zinc, which supports your dog's immune system, skin and coat health, and overall growth and development.

  11. Ferrous sulfate is an important source of iron for dogs, a mineral essential for red blood cell production, oxygen transportation, and overall vitality. Adequate iron intake supports your dog's immune system and energy levels.

  12. Copper sulfate is an essential trace mineral that supports various bodily functions in dogs, including immune system health, skin and coat maintenance, and red blood cell production.

  13. Manganese sulfate is a source of manganese, an essential trace mineral that plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy bones, joints, and metabolism in dogs. It also supports the production of collagen, which is vital for healthy skin, coat, and connective tissues.

  14. Potassium iodide is a chemical compound that can be used as a source of iodine in your dog's diet. Iodine is crucial for the proper functioning of your dog's thyroid gland.

  15. Sodium selenite is a form of selenium, a necessary trace mineral that supports immune function and thyroid health in dogs.

  16. Filet mignon flavor is a high-quality, natural flavoring that makes your dog's food more palatable and enjoyable. This enticing taste can encourage picky eaters to consume their food, ensuring they receive the necessary nutrients for optimal health.

  17. Calcium sulfate is a natural source of calcium, an essential mineral that helps maintain strong bones and teeth in your dog. Calcium is also important for nerve function, muscle contraction, and blood clotting.

  18. Choline Chloride is an essential nutrient that aids in brain and liver function, muscle movement, and supports healthy metabolic processes.

  19. Guar gum is a natural thickening agent derived from the guar bean, used to improve the texture of your dog's food. It also serves as a source of soluble fiber, which can help promote healthy digestion and support overall gastrointestinal health.

  20. Xanthan gum is a natural thickening agent used in dog food to improve its texture and consistency. While it doesn't provide direct nutritional benefits, it can make the food more palatable and appealing for your dog.

  21. Vitamin E supplement is an essential nutrient that helps support your dog's immune system, skin health, and overall wellness.

  22. Niacin, also known as Vitamin B3, is essential for a dog's metabolism and energy production, and supports healthy skin and coat.

  23. Thiamine mononitrate is a form of vitamin B1 that helps support your dog's nervous system function, energy metabolism, and overall health.

  24. Calcium pantothenate is a source of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) that helps support your dog's energy metabolism and nervous system function.

  25. Pyridoxine hydrochloride is a source of vitamin B6, which is essential for your dog's nervous system function, immune health, and red blood cell production.

  26. Vitamin B12 Supplement is an essential vitamin that helps support brain function and the formation of red blood cells.

  27. Riboflavin supplement is a source of Vitamin B2, which is crucial for your dog's energy production, cell function, and overall growth and development.

  28. Vitamin A Supplement is important for supporting vision, immune function, and skin health in dogs.

  29. Folic acid is a crucial B-vitamin that aids in the synthesis of DNA and supports healthy cell growth. It's essential for maintaining your dog's overall health, particularly during periods of rapid growth.

  30. Vitamin D3 supplement is an essential vitamin that supports bone health, immune function, and overall well-being in dogs. It helps regulate calcium and phosphorus balance in the body, promoting strong and healthy bones.

  31. Biotin is a B-vitamin that's important for maintaining healthy skin, coat, and nails in dogs.

Review of Guaranteed Analysis

The crude protein minimum of 7.00% is likely provided primarily by the beef, meat by-products, liver, and chicken listed in the ingredients. These are all protein-rich animal-based sources that contribute to the overall protein content of the pet food. The meat by-products, while sometimes considered less desirable than whole meats, are still a significant source of protein.

The crude fat minimum of 5.00% is also largely derived from the animal ingredients such as beef and chicken. Fats are a natural component of these meats, and they contribute to the energy content as well as the taste and texture of the food. The liver and meat by-products can also be high in fat, adding to the total fat content.

The maximum crude fiber content of 1.00% suggests that the food is not very high in fiber, which is consistent with the lack of prominent plant-based fiber sources in the ingredients list. The small amount of fiber present may come from the carrageenan, locust bean gum, guar gum, and xanthan gum, which can have some fiber content and are used as thickeners and stabilizers in the food.

The calorie content of 941.00 per kg is a cumulative result of all the macronutrients in the food, including proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. The caloric density is influenced by the meat content providing proteins and fats, which are more calorie-dense than fiber or other non-digestible components.

The minerals and vitamins listed are added supplements to ensure the pet food meets the nutritional requirements for dogs. These do not contribute significantly to the macronutrient values (protein, fat, fiber) but are essential for the overall health and well-being of the pet.

Review of Affordability

According to our data, Beneful IncrediBites Paté Filet Mignon Flavor In Savory Gravy costs approximately $9.10 per pound. The following table provides our estimate of the monthly cost to feed this recipe exclusively as your dog.

Adult WeightAdult
5 lbs $207.12
10 lbs $348.33
15 lbs $472.13
20 lbs $585.82
30 lbs $794.02

Estimates are based on average prices and caloric requirements.