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Review of Evanger's Grain Free

Ingredient Review

The first ingredient is pheasant. Pheasant is an excellent novel protein source. However, raw pheasant contains more than 60% moisture. After cooking, the relative meat contribution of pheasant is dramatically reduced. Therefore, it's important to ensure that other meat sources are included within the first few ingredients to ensure the product derives most of its protein from meat.

The second ingredient is water sufficient for processing. Water of course only provides moisture, a necessary component of wet products.

The third ingredient is pheasant liver. Pheasant liver is an excellent organ meat which provides high quality protein and fat. In addition, pheasant liver provides many essential vitamins and minerals.

The fourth ingredient is guar gum. Guar gum (or guaran) is obtained from guar beans which have been dehusked, milled and screened. It's commonly used in wet food products as a thickening agent and provides a notable amount of dietary fiber.