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Hill's Prescription Diet Cat Treats Hypo-Treats

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Review of Hill's Prescription Diet Cat Treats

Ingredient Review

The first ingredient is hydrolyzed chicken liver. Chicken liver hydrolysate is produced by subjecting chicken liver to a processes called hydrolysis. In short, hydrolysis makes use of water to split chemical bonds. By doing this, amino acids from the protein source can be absorbed into your cats body quicker than the original intact protein source.

The second ingredient is brewers rice. Brewer's rice is the small fragments of rice kernel that are separated from the larger kernels of milled rice. The fragments do not contain the same nutrition profile of the whole kernel and therefore brewer's rice is a lower quality grain. Brewer's rice is typically regarded as an inexpensive and low quality filler.

The third ingredient is starch. Starch is a carbohydrate source. Unfortunately, the item from which the starch was extracted is not specified. Thus, we cannot make any specific claims on the nutritional value or intention behind the inclusion of this ingredient.

The fourth ingredient is soybean oil. Soybean oil is an omega-6 fatty acid source. Unlike other oils (flax, canola, etc), soybean oil does not provide omega-3 fatty acids; However, the balancing omega-3 fatty acids are most likely supplied by another oil or fat source in the product.

Controversial Ingredients

Powdered cellulose is produced from minuscule pieces of wood pulp and plant fibers. Other than its fiber content, powdered cellulose lacks any nutritional contribution.