Hill's Science Diet Flexi-Stix Review

Jerky With Real Turkey

Hill's Science Diet Flexi-Stix Jerky With Real Turkey

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Review of Hill's Science Diet Flexi-Stix
Jerky With Real Turkey

Ingredient Review

The first ingredient is turkey. Although turkey is an excellent protein source, raw turkey contains more than 60% moisture. After cooking, the relative meat contribution of turkey is dramatically reduced. Therefore, it's important to ensure that other meat sources are included within the first few ingredients to ensure the product derives most of its protein from meat.

The second ingredient is whole grain oats. Whole grain oats are an excellent carbohydrate source with considerable nutrients in addition to dietary fiber. More specifically, oats are rich in B vitamins and various minerals including manganese.

The third ingredient is wheat flour. Wheat flour is produced by grinding uncooked wheat into a powder. In addition to dietary fiber, wheat flour provides various vitamins, minerals, and plant based protein.

Wheat is considered a controversial ingredient because of it's protein content. Plant based proteins degrade the overall protein quality in the product. In addition, many people believe wheat is one of the most common ingredients to cause food allergies or intolerance. However, grains such as wheat are typically low offenders in comparison to certain protein sources such as beef.