Jinx Topper Salmon On Top Review

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Review of Jinx Topper Salmon On Top

According to our most recent data, this product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.

Review of Ingredients

In our review of Jinx Topper Salmon On Top, we'll examine all 2 ingredients and highlight the nutritional contribution of each ingredient.

While the first few ingredients typically dominate the recipe's composition, ingredients in small quantities can still have a meaningful impact on the overall nutritional profile of the recipe.

  1. Salmon is an excellent source of high-quality protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and essential vitamins and minerals that support your dog's immune system, brain function, and skin and coat health.

  2. Mixed tocopherols are natural antioxidants used to preserve the freshness of dog food, ensuring your pet receives the highest quality nutrients possible.

Review of Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (min) of 42.00%: This high level of protein is primarily derived from the salmon, which is the first and main ingredient in the product. Salmon is a rich source of high-quality protein that supports muscle development and maintenance in pets. The fact that salmon is listed first indicates it is the most abundant ingredient by weight before processing, which aligns with the high protein content guaranteed in the analysis.

Crude Fat (min) of 15.00%: The fat content is also likely coming from the salmon. Salmon is known for containing healthy fats, including omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for a pet's skin, coat, and overall health. The 15.00% minimum crude fat indicates that this product is relatively rich in fats, which is typical for fish-based pet foods.

Crude Fiber (max) of 3.00%: The crude fiber content is relatively low, which is expected as the product consists mainly of salmon. Fish, being an animal protein, does not contain fiber. Therefore, the minimal fiber content might be incidental or from any minor ingredients not listed, such as possible traces from the processing environment or the mixed tocopherols. Mixed tocopherols, which are a form of vitamin E and used as a natural preservative, do not contribute significantly to the fiber content.

It's important to note that the guaranteed analysis does not list all nutrients, like moisture or ash, which are also present in pet foods. The listed ingredients are minimal, suggesting either a highly concentrated product with few additives or that the full ingredient list may not have been provided.