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Free Vet Advice

free vet advice

In this section learn how to cure diarrhea in dogs, kennel cough symptoms, and the cause of and treating diarrhea in dogs, mange on dogs, dog diagnosis when your pooch is vomiting bile…basically all of the dog health problems you can think of!

Also included is a guide to dog scabies, how to remove ticks from dogs, distemper, rabies, kidney disease in dogs, home remedy for kennel cough treatment, eye and ear infections in dogs and puppies and how to recognize canine parvo virus, epilepsy…and a guide to low cost vaccinations…

Wow if that isn’t enough information…but remember we are not vets, we are only providing a guide to all of the above information…so take a browse as we add information and advice on a daily basis, so you don’t miss out!

NOTE: Please get advice from your vet before you use any of the following information on this and the following pages.

Cause of Dog Vomiting

Start by keeping your dog’s health in top condition

There are a variety of things that are the cause of dog vomiting, below we have listed a few…but remember to get paid or free vet advice if you are worried.

    • Your dog may have eaten some food that has gone rancid.
  • He may have eaten some pesticides or insecticides.
  • The cause of your dog vomiting maybe due to your pooch swallowing a foreign object that has caused a blockage.
  • Your dog may have eaten too fast.
  • It maybe a sign of liver or kidney disease.
  • IBD or Inflammatory Bowl Disorder can often be the cause of dog vomiting.
  • Your dog may have developed a dog food allergy.
  • The cause of your dog vomiting maybe due to a glandular problem such as hypoadrenocorticism.
  • Your dog may have an abdominal disorder like pancreatitis.
  • It maybe due to parasites such as whipworm, roundworm or hookworm.
  • The cause of your dog vomiting maybe fungal such as, aspergillosis or histoplasmosis.
  • The cause of dog vomiting maybe due to a bacteria such as salmonella.

Some of symptoms that are the cause of dog vomiting…

    • Your dog may seem really tired and lethargic.
  • Your dog may have a sudden loss of weight.
  • Your dog may have diarrhea.
  • There maybe a change in your dog’s appetite.
  • Your dog maybe thirsty.
  • There maybe blood in your dog’s stool.
  • Vomiting at intermittent intervals.

Always pay or get free vet advice if you have any worries about your dog or puppies health.

Kennel Cough Symptoms

free vet advice

Kennel Cough Symptoms

Below we have listed some kennel cough symptoms, although you can get a home remedy for kennel cough always get paid or free vet advice before you try treating any illness in your dog or puppy.

    1. Your dog may have developed a fever.
  • Your dog will have really hacking cough.
  • There maybe phlegm and some discharge when your dog coughs, check his sleeping area for any evidence.
  • Your dog maybe lethargic and have less energy.
  • Other symptoms of kennel cough include, retching and wheezing.
  • Your dog may have a watery substance coming from his eye or nose.

Kennel cough symptoms are often caused by more than one bacteria or virus.


  1. Canine Parainfluenza.
  2. Mycoplasma – this in between a bacteria and a virus.
  3. Bordetella Bronchiseptica (this is a bacteria that travels through air.)

Cause of Diarrhea in Dogs

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Cause of Diarrhea in Dogs


There a many causes of diarrhea in dogs and a common cause is what your dog actually eats.

Consequently sometimes it is a good idea to start making your own dog food.

If you want to learn how to make dog food take a look at our section on recipes for homemade dog foods and if you want to make a particularly healthy homemade dog food you may find our section on healthy homemade dog food recipes particularly useful.

Get some free vet advice before you change your dog’s diet.

Here are some other causes of diarrhea in dogs…
  1. Giardia a parasitic worm.
  2. Stress can cause diarrhea in dogs.
  3. Your dog may have eaten a foreign object.
  4. Chocolate can cause diarrhea in dogs, and can even prove fatal.
  5. Pancreatitis which is an inflammation of the pancreas.
  6. Antibiotics can cause diarrhea in dogs.
  7. You may have changed your dog’s diet.
  8. You dog may have swallowed some poison.
  9. Leaky gut syndrome can be a cause of diarrhea in dogs.
  10. Parasitic worms such as Whipworms, Roundworms and Coccidia.
  11. Liver disease, kidney disease and thyroid disease can also cause diarrhea in dogs.
  12. Another cause of this distressing illness is Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  13. And also Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  14. Dysbiosis.
  15. Your dog may have developed an allergy to some foods.

It is very important that you either pay or get free vet advice if you are worried about any symptoms that are effecting your dog.

Cure Diarrhea in Dogs

Cure Diarrhea in Dogs

  • To cure diarrhea in dogs, firstly you should get some advice from your vet, please do not use any remedies on this page until you have either got paid or free vet advice.
  • We are interested in your dogs safety first and the below advice is only a guide…
  • Some dog owners state that to cure diarrhea in dogs you should feed your pooch a bland diet, that consists of cooked chicken, rice and cottage cheese.

Below we have listed some other products that can be used to help diarrhea in dogs.

  1. Gastriplex.
  2. Dipan 9.
  3. Paraguard.
  4. Similase.
  5. Medibulk.
  6. Ultra Clear Sustain.
  7. LactobacillusSporogenes.