Heat Stroke in Dogs, Heat Stroke Statistics, Symptoms

Heat stroke in dogs can be deadly…

On this page we have provided some heat stroke statistics, the symptoms that your dog may suffer and how you should treat your dog should he suffer from this problem.

You really need to act fast and get your dog medical attention fast as complications including shock can occur quickly.

Heat Stroke Statistics

  • The normal temperature of your dog’s body is about 35.5 C or 101.4 F but when your dog has developed heat stroke your dog’s body will rise to 42.6 C or 107 F or more.
  • If it is 29 C or 85 F outside, the temperature inside the Car can reach a temperature of 102 F in ten minutes. Twenty minutes after this the Car can reach a temperature of 120 F.
  • Even if it is only 72 F or 22 C outside – the Car can reach a temperature of 105 F in 30 minutes.

Heat Stroke in Dogs

Dogs have a great way of eliminating their heat and they do this through panting. Heat stroke occurs when your dog’s panting has become ineffective due to the temperature in their environment being too hot.

The Signs & Symptoms of Heat Stroke in Dogs

  • Excessive panting
  • Your dog may have red gums but if your dog has become really ill his gums may turn blue
  • Your dog may be very anxious
  • Your dog maybe salivating
  • A high heart rate is also a symptom of this condition
  • If your dog has had a severe reaction to the heat he may collapse and suffer from shock

What you should do…

  1. Remove your dog from the source of heat
  2. Take your dog to the vet immediately – or call your vet out – which ever is faster.
  3. Your aim is to reduce your dog’s body heat as fast as you can
  4. Gently immerse your dog into a bath of tepid water and spray your dog with tepid water from a shower, pay special attention to your dog’s neck, head and face.
  5. Don’t use cold water or wet towels and sheets – use a fan to fan your dog’s body and allow the air flow to flow all over your dog’s body.
  6. You should let your dog drink as much water as he wants (in small quantities) add some salt to the water.
  7. Continue spraying your dog to get his temperature down.