Pancreatitis Diet For Dogs

The best Pancreatitis diet for dogs is one that is low in fat – mainly because high fat content in cheap dog foods is a contributing factor for the onset of the disease. Metabolic causes of the disease where the fat is high in your dog’s blood stream are referred to as Hyperlipidemia.

If the disease has been caused by excessive Calcium in the blood this is referred to as Hypercalcemia. On this page we have provided some healthy recipes for homemade dog foods so that you can not only try and prevent the disease from happening in the first place but to also use when your dog has been diagnosed – although you should speak to the Vet first before changing your dog’s diet.

Pancreatitis In Dogs

It is never a good idea for you to feed your dog from the table. The main reason for this is that human food is often very high in fat and not easily digested by your dog. A good Pancreatitis diet should be one that is easily digested, higher in Carbohydrates and low in fat. Some dog food experts have estimated that out of the food that you feed your dog – only eighteen percent of the the energy levels should come from the fat in the dog food.

The best ingredients for healthy dog food should include food that is very easily digested – including…

  1. Rice – this is high in Carbohydrates and low in fat and it’s easily digested
  2. Skinless Chicken is another favorite for the same reasons
  3. Although cheap dog foods often add nasty fillers and preservatives to ‘bulk’ up the content – you can always add low fat ingredients to make the food more interesting – low fat Cottage Cheese is a good choice.
  4. Ground beef can be purchased from most good Pet Stores and this is also a fantastic base for a healthy homemade dog food recipe.
  5. Beef heart, Kidney and Liver are all good base ingredients
  6. Egg White can also be added to any ingredients to help the food bind together.
  7. Many owners also forget that Vegetables are also great for Dogs especially when added to a meat based diet – vegetables can include Sweet Potatoes, Squash, Kale, Barley, Broccoli and Cauliflower – you need to make sure that the Vegetables are thoroughly cooked.

Below are a few healthy homemade dog food recipes specifically for the prevention of the disease or to use during a bout of Pancreatitis.

Recipe 1: Rice is Nice!

1. Cook some rice thoroughly (about 2 Cups) – it is important that the rice is cooked all the way through and not hard in the middle as this will cause added complications.
2. Now cook some Chicken Broth – make sure that it is low in fat.
3. Cook some Sweet Potatoes and some Squash and dice them up before mashing them. Add the ingredients together and feed to your dog.

Recipe 2: Lean Mean Fighting Machine

1. Purchase some ground beef from a local pet food store. Cook the beef (about one cup) and then drain it thoroughly making sure that the fat is thoroughly drained.
2. Now cook some Kale and (quarter of a cup)
3. Trim a Beef Kidney and cook it thoroughly (half a cup)
4. Now cook some Squash (half a cup – all the way through)
5. Now boil come Oat Meal and drain (three quarters of a cup) – drain and mix all the ingredients together.

Recipe 3: Meat is Really Neat!

1. Cook one cup of beef that has been trimmed of fat and cooked thoroughly. Dice up once cooked.
2. Cook half a cup of Broccoli and mash.
3. Cook three quarters of a cup of Barley.
4. Add quarter of a cup of Zucchini
5. Add a half of a cup of non-fat or low-fat cottage cheese.
6. Now speak to your vet or go to a good pet store where they sell Berte’s digestion blend and add this to the rest of the food. Now serve to your dog.

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