Removing Ticks from Dogs, Best Way to Remove Ticks, Tick Bite Symptoms Pictures

Learn the best way to remove ticks from your dog or puppy with our fantastic guide to home tick removal and also learn to understand what ticks look like with our collection of pictures…

If that isn’t enough read our guide on the types of ticks like the bullseye, seed, lyme and the cause of rocky mountain spotted tick fever…

What is a Tick?

What is a Tick?

  • The tick is an Ectoparasite which is found in long grass and will attach itself to whatever brushes against it, this could be humans, hedgehogs, deer, cats and of course dogs.

What does it Do?

  • After the parasite has got on to your dog’s skin it will burrow it’s head under the skin and start sucking blood.

What Does it Look Like?

  • Look a the pictures on this page and you will have a pretty good idea, although colors can vary, they look like a brown wart, with very small black legs on either side.

What are the Dangers?

There are a culmination of dangers that ticks can cause including…

  • If you try and fail when removing the ticks from dogs and it bursts, this can cause blood poisoning to your dog.
  • Lyme Disease.
  • Canine Ehrlichiosis passed from the brown tick.
  • Canine Anaplasmosis.
  • Rocky Mountain fever can effect humans and dogs.

Tick Twister Tool.

Using the Twister.

The twister can be bought from most decent pet stores or online is probably the best way to remove ticks from your dog, here are the reasons why…

  1. It was designed by a vet.
  2. It doesn’t need any chemicals.
  3. Is painless.
  4. No skin can be accidentally pulled.
  5. You get the whole tick, legs and all.

Here is how you use the twister…

  • Simply purchase tool – you can get different sizes.
  • Grip the tick with the twister.
  • Rotate the twister and pull – simple.


Some people don’t like to use tweezers but we have found them to work fine, if you follow the below advice…

  • Place the tweezers lying horizontally or purchase tweezers with a flat head around the whole of the tick.
  • Grip the parasite firmly making sure that you have the whole of the tick including the legs and pull in a sharp movement.
  • Now to kill the tick place it in a jar of alcohol.
  • Now clean the area where the tick has been with some antiseptic or antibiotic cream.
  • Wash your hands.

If you feel that you have left any of the ticks head or body in your dog then go to your vet immediately.