Victor Issues Recall Due to Potential Salmonella Contamination

In a proactive move to ensure the safety of its consumers, Mid America Pet Food, based in Mount Pleasant, Texas, is voluntarily recalling one lot of Victor Super Premium Dog Food, Hi-Pro Plus, due to potential Salmonella contamination. The lot in question was produced at the company’s Mount Pleasant, Texas production facility.

Salmonella not only poses a threat to the animals consuming the product but also carries risks for humans who handle the contaminated pet food. This can be particularly hazardous if individuals do not adequately wash their hands after contact with the product or any contaminated surfaces.

Symptoms in humans exposed to Salmonella can range from nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea to more severe conditions such as endocarditis and arterial infections. Individuals showing any of these symptoms after contact with the recalled product are urged to reach out to their healthcare providers.

Similarly, pets exhibiting signs of lethargy, diarrhea, vomiting, or decreased appetite after consuming the affected product should be immediately presented to a veterinarian. While no reported cases of illnesses, either in pets or humans, are linked to this product as of now, the company is taking this measure as a precaution.

The recall solely pertains to the Victor Super Premium Dog Food Hi-Pro Plus sold in 5-pound bags with lot code 1000016385 and Best By Date of 4/30/2024. Lot code information may be found on the back of the dry dog food packaging.

As of now, no other products from Mid America Pet Food have been included in this recall.

The decision for this voluntary recall was prompted by a random sample test by the South Carolina Department of Agriculture, wherein a sample tested positive for Salmonella.

The company advises retailers and distributors to promptly remove the recalled lot from their inventory. They are further urged not to sell or donate the product under recall. Consumers are warned against feeding the recalled product to pets or other animals and to dispose of it in a safe manner.

For any queries or more details on the recall, consumers can contact Mid America Pet Food Consumer Affairs at or call 1-888-428-7544 between 8 AM to 5 PM Central Time, Monday to Friday.