2 Dog Leash Training – Walking 2 small Dogs on Leash

by patty
(guelph , ontario , can)

I have 2 smaller dogs and would like to have better control when I’m walking them , normally they’re pulling me every which way. I have never done any formal leash training with them . Any suggestions for trying to train 2 at the same time with only one handler ?

Our Response

Hi and thanks for your question. It is hard to leash train one dog let alone two at the same time – especially if they are pulling on the leash. We will do our best to answer this common problem for you…

It is always a good idea to train each dog separately – rather than trying to take them both out at the same time start by training both at home somewhere quiet where there are no distractions. We will teach you and your dog a very clever technique called the ‘loose leash’ obedience training technique.

Ok so here is what you and your ONE dog should do – repeat the same for the other dog (and then you have two dogs not pulling on the leash).

1. Attach a leash to your dog and walk him around the garden or somewhere that is very quiet where there are no distractions.
2. When your dog is pulling on the leash you need to stop instantly.
3. When your dog turns around and looks at you and wonders why you are not walking give him lots of praise.
4. Now get your dog back into the heel position – you might need to step backwards so that your dog realizes what you are asking.
5. Your dog should now be right next to your leg with a nice loose leash. You should praise and reward your dog for remaining in that position – you want him to think that being next to you makes you really happy. By rewarding with treats and praise your dog’s behavior will be reinforced and he is more likely to repeat the behavior in the future.