8 week old puppy keeps weeing on my other dog's bed.

I already have a 5 year old dog and he has a dog bed in the lounge. Since my puppy has come (less than a week) she just seems to wee on this bed most of the time, she has a piddle pad on the floor in the lounge and I would say 70% of the pees are on the pad, but if shes on the dog bed she just cant resist doing it on there. She does not wee in her own bed. I dont know if I should lift the other dogs bed and just allow him to lie in his crate – he does this most of the day anyway – but I am frightened of making him feel pushed out. Can you please help me.

Hi sorry to hear you are having a problem. Many people use pads to encourage their puppy to pee there. We don’t advocate the use of pads as they tend to encourage the exact problem that you are experiencing – a puppy will not know where the right place to pee is if he is trained that it’s ok to pee on the floor (pad).

This is not your fault it’s just the way pads are used. Remember your puppy is very new to the household and is still very young so he is unsure where his place in the Pack is.

The best thing that you can do is teach your puppy where the right place to pee is. You can either continue using the pads or use the back yard (if you have one). If you want to use the pads make sure that your puppy knows where he should pee.

To do this – if you catch him peeing on the dog bed say ‘NO’ or rattle a tin with some stones in. Pick him up and place him on the pads. Continue doing this and your puppy will soon realise where he should potty. When you catch him peeing in the right place i.e. the pads give him lots and lots of praise and a reward.

If you want to go for the outside methods then follow the below advice.

1. If you catch him in the act pick him up and attach a leash and take him outside.
2. If you don’t have an outside put him in a Crate for 15 minutes.
3. Start by attaching a leash to your puppy and put a cue on going outside – ‘Potty Time’ or something.
4. Take him outside and wait for him to look as if he is about to potty and as soon as he is about to go say ‘Go Poop’ or something short and snappy. Make sure the whole family use the same commands so your puppy won’t get confused.
5. As soon as your puppy pees give him lots and lots of praise and a reward.

Wow hope all this helps.