Boxador – How To Train A Male Boxador To Roll Over

Boxador – How To Train A Male Boxador To Roll Over

by Jade Esther Hunter
(Massachusetts, Boston)

Boxador – Training a Boxador to Roll Over

I have a male Boxador and he is a year and a few months old, I got him at 11 weeks, so I waited a few weeks to start his dog obedience training. So now I am training him He knows how to sit, down, up, and high five on command he is doing really well.

But, every time I try to teach him to roll over he never does. He trys to either bite me or he either gets up. How do I train My male Boxador To roll over on command?

Hi and thanks for your question. The first thing that you need to do is to get your puppy into the ‘play dead’ position. For this you will need to teach your puppy to lie down. Start with your dog in the sitting position (we have provided a guide in the link below). Now your puppy is sitting get a treat and put it to his nose and lower it to the ground – your puppy will instantly want to follow it. Make an ‘L’ shape with your hand and the treat – so take the treat straight down (past his nose) and then move the treat along the ground away from his nose (see you have formed an ‘L’ shape – down and across the floor). Your puppy will instantly try to stretch out to reach the treat so this will make him lie down. As soon as he is lying down give him the treat and lots of praise. Now he is on the floor lying down – have another treat and move it away from him – he will naturally roll over to one side (make sure you give him lots and lots of praise and practice regularly.

Hope this helps.

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