Choosing a Puppy Quiz, Best Dog Breed for Children, Choosing a Dog for Family

Choosing a Puppy Quiz… Choosing a dog or puppy can sometimes be a difficult process.

Every dog and puppy has certain behavior patterns, traits and different needs.

You need to ask yourself certain questions as to which might be the best dog breed or breeds for you, your children and your family, and which type of puppy will fit in best with your lifestyle and personality.

Take your time with our quiz and read all the free tips, but remember that every puppy needs training and time.

Read each question carefully and be honest so that we can match the best dog breeds or breed for you, your children and your family.
Do you have the time for a new dog or puppy?

This is a very important question to think about it as if you don’t have the time for a new dog, only your puppy will suffer.

A new puppy needs regular exercise, health check ups, and lots of your time and love. If you are working full-time do you have someone who can let your puppy out?

If you are unsure how much time a new puppy will take up, a general rule is 1 hour a day for exercise – half hour in the morning and half hour at night.

Are you able to afford a puppy?

It may sound silly but are you able to financially support having a puppy? It is very difficult to get free vet advice even over the phone. Listed below are some of the considerations that you need to take into account to determine whether you can afford a new dog:

  1. Vet fees & health care
  2. Dog or puppy training classes
  3. Dog training devices & equipment such as leashes, dog bowls, crates…
  4. Dog grooming can also become expensive

Is your House or Apartment big enough?
You need to take into consideration how big your House, flat or apartment is and if you have enough room for a new pooch.

A big dog obviously needs more room than a smaller breed. If you have a very small amount of room then purchasing a Mastiff might not be the best idea.

Are you getting a puppy for the right reasons?

This is why taking our choosing a puppy quiz is so important – why are you getting a new pooch? Are you getting a Boston Terrier because they are in fashion.

Do you have small children around – the maybe a chihuahua might not be the best dog breed to get.

Do you have a garden or access to a forest, woodland or somewhere to walk your pooch?

Is this your first puppy and are you ready for the obedience training process?

Are you prepared for owning a pooch who may develop some behavioral problems?

Are you going to stay in the area or might you move to a smaller House?

Are you in a stable relationship?

Are you allergic to dog hair – and might you soon be having more children who may develop allergy problems?

Congratulations on taking our choosing a puppy quiz and good luck making that all important decision.