Crate Training a Puppy! Why does my 9 month old female silver lab potty in her crate after being let out to go potty ???

Crate Training a Puppy! Why does my 9 month old female silver lab potty in her crate after being let out to go potty ???

by Tom Morgan
(Lebanon Pa)

I have a 9 month old sliver lab female. She is house broken but when I leave her out in the morning to go potty she does her duty I treat her for it and reward her for it the way you should. I then let her run around the house for about ten mins while I get ready for work and put her in the crate while I am at work and before I even get out the door she starts to whine. I go back and tell her it is ok that I will be home in a few hours and what do I see in her crate with her a pile of poop and a puddle of pee SHE JUST GOT DONE GOING OUTSIDE TEN MINS PRYOR !!!!!!!! she goes in spurts like this she will be fine for weeks then she starts doing it again for about a week or two and then she is fine. She is a GREAT dog she jumps and give high five she gives hugs she sits and lays down on command she is all around a dog everyone would love to have other then to potty stuff !!!!!! I think it might just be the fear of knowing she is going to be alone for a few hours but I tried everything to stop this gave her an old shirt and some socks she just chews them!

Crate Training a Puppy – Answer

Hi and thanks for your question – I can tell that you love your Lab – which is always a good start. Before we look at behavior it is always a good idea to get your dog checked out for any medical problems as problem peeing can be caused by bladder problems including urinary tract infections. A female that has not been neutered may also display changes in her behavior around the time she is on heat – so get all this checked first as it will rule out any issues before you start the potty and crate training.

The long and short of it is that unfortunately your pooch is not really completely house broken mainly because she is still peeing and pooping in the House. Of course we can expect a developing dog to have the odd accident but not as much as your dog is showing. Start by taking a look at the size of the crate – is it too large? Speak to your local pet store as they will be able to advise you on the perfect size for your dog – but if it is too large then your dog will be able to pee or poop in one corner and stay dry! Young puppies are trained by their mother in the litter to always keep their sleeping area clean – and this should continue as the dog develops. It is very important that you either clean the crate completely, clean and sterilize the area or purchase a new crate – the reason for this is that the smells in the crate will stimulate her bladder and increase the chances of her peeing there. You will also need to start the crate training process again – a dog will often not empty their bladder on one visit outside – so you need to make sure that she has done all of her business. After she has gone once take her around the garden for a few minutes longer and wait for her to go again. You could also practice when you are not working – so wait for a day off and take her outside and then back in again to go in her crate – watch her and if she is looking like she is about to go say ‘No’ and attach a leash to her and take her outside – she will start to get the message. If your dog continues to whine never go straight back to her (unless she wants the toilet) as this will reinforce the behavior. You could also try the umbilical chord method – this is when you attach a leash to your dog and tuck it in your belt as soon as you go back in the House – this was everywhere you go she has to go too! You will soon be able to spot any accidents as they happen!

Hope this helps.
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