Crate Training a Yorkie – I'm ready to give up!

Crate Training a Yorkie – I’m ready to give up!

by Deb

I am crate training my yorkie. I take him out immediately when he is taken out of the crate, after eating, after playing and any time he looks like he is sniffing for a spot. He goes outside sometimes twice but within 15 minutes of being in he will pee on the floor! I am spending much of my day out with him and it still isn’t enough. He is fourteen weeks old. I was told it may take a year or more to train him. I really think I will have to take him to the humane society if that is the case.

Hi and thanks for your question – please wait – it is still very early days (he is only fourteen weeks of age)! You have to expect some potty training problems before you start considering giving him away (please). Are you using your crate properly? There is no point taking him outside and then let him ave the run of the House only for him to go and pee or poop somewhere around the House. You are doing allot of things right – when you take him outside and then bring him back in – place him in his crate for a few minutes and then take him outside to do his business again. It sounds like your puppy just does not understand what he is doing wrong – he is still only a baby – he does not know the difference between your carpet and the garden outside unless you constantly reinforce it by repeating everything you are doing (but using the crate more effectively). So if he pees or poops – say NO and take him immediately outside. Because you sound so desperate I would also consider taking him to puppy training classes (in fact it is a must do). Many owners leave it until the last moment to use a training class but they are so amazingly useful. Another obedience training technique that you could use is the umbilical training method – this is where you attach a leash and then tuck it in your belt. This will mean that everywhere you go your puppy goes too – and guess what you can catch him just before he does it or is doing it. Keep going it will work – he is still very young and i would be surprised if you were NOT having some problems at this age.

Hope this helps a little.