Dog Barking Control – Screaming staffy! How do I stop this?

Dog Barking Control – Screaming staffy! How do I stop this? 

I have a 12 month old staffy and she does not appear to like to be near or around other dogs as when she is she makes this high pitch whine, screaming noise and pulls on her lead! It often sounds like she is in pain or been hurt that’s how loud it can be? I also have another staffy (2 yr old) and they are best of friends and my older dog is reasonably calm near other dogs! I worry that this is a behavior she will learn also & I don’t want that! People often remove their dogs from near us and fear that she is aggressive but I am not sure! How do I curb this behavior and stop it from becoming aggression? I’ll listen to any ideas or advice given! Thank you Natalie

Our Response

Hi Natalie – I will do my best to answer your question – there are a few points that need to be made…


One reason for this behavior is due to a lack of socialization from an early age. Lots of dogs and puppies exhibit nervous behavior when they are introduced to something that makes them nervous – it might be a dog, person, bike, car basically anything that your dog has not encountered before. A good way to cure this nervous behavior – is to introduce your dog to other dogs and puppies. To do this I would recommend enrolling your dog in puppy training classes – they are an excellent way to socialize a dog that is nervous around other dogs. You also have a dog trainer on hand to ask questions and seek advice.

Dog Barking Control

This is another technique that could be used (I would firstly recommend he socialization through puppy training classes above). To cure barking and learn how to control it you need to firstly train your dog to bark on command.

1. Start by attaching a leash to your dog and attach the leash to a fixed object like a post.
2. Stand one meter away and show your dog a treat or toy. When your dog starts to whine or bark with frustration give him a reward and treat.
3. Now put the toy to one side and use a verbal command instead. Show the treat and when he starts to bark or whine say ‘good dog’ and give him a treat.
4. Now use a treat and show him the toy again and say ‘speak’ and when he barks say ‘good dog’ and give him a treat and the toy.

Now you need to train him to be quiet…

1. Using exactly the same environment i.e. the post and leash – show your dog the toy and say ‘speak’. Ask your dog to be quiet – as soon as he stops barking give him lots of praise and the toy. If he continues barking then put the toy away and say ‘no’ if he continues to bark.
2. Continue using the techniques – so as soon as your dog stops barking give him lots of praise and the treat or toy. Your dog’s behavior will soon be reinforced as your dog will learn that being quiet will mean a reward.

Hope this helps