Dog Bed Training

Dog Bed Training

by janet
(swansea Wales)

Our springer spaniel refused to sleep in any kind of dog bed and will only sleep on a pillow. She started as a pup in a dog pen with a bed but once we got rid of the pen she will only sleep on a pillow or the floor. Why is this?

It sounds to me as though your dog has become used to the safety and happy feelings that were associated with her Pen. If sleeping on the pillow is a problem – then you need to start reinforcing the area where you would like her to sleep. Start the puppy crate training process again and even use the pillow as the training tool. Start by purchasing a new crate and start by slowly introducing your dog to the crate over a period of time.

Start by leaving the crate door open and use treats placed in the crate as a method to get your dog used to the new area where she will sleep – don’t shut the door.

Every-time your dog goes into the crate give her lots of praise – keep practicing this over a period of time.

Now start placing her food in the crate and let your dog go in and out of the crate to eat her food.

After a period of time she will get used to the crate and will start spending more time there. Keep practicing over a period of time (and eventually you will be able to shut the door) and before long your dog will be more than happy with her new bed and sleeping area.