Dog Behavior Question – Stop my dog of chasing cars


by Carla Rankin

How do I stop my dog from chasing cars?

Our Response

Hi and thanks for your question.

It is quite common for a dog that has not been trained to ‘come’ or is not sure about ‘recall’ to suddenly run off as soon as they are let off the leash. I would start by getting your dog used to cars – do this by constant socialization – this means walking with your dog on a leash near and around cars so that your pooch gets so used to being around them that the sight of a car just isn’t that exciting anymore. This on it’s own will probably cure the problem.

You could also try the long leash method – start by attaching a retractable leash that can extend and then ask a friend to drive around the block in a her car (find somewhere quiet). Allow your dog to get to the fell extension (don’t ask your friend to drive around the block until you have mastered this). When our dog is twenty feet away call her. As soon as she comes towards you give her lots of praise. Practice this daily.

Hope this helps.