Dog Chasing Cars & Everything!

Dog Chasing Cars Everything!

by Joanne Smith
(Wiltshire, England)

Miniature Jack Russell Terrier

Miniature Jack Russell Terrier

I became the proud owner/slave of Minniedog/Miniature a 5 year old (approx) Jack Russell Terrier Cross, spayed, bitch, in March last year from a dogs rescue home. The home had only just got her in and didn’t know anything about her back ground.

She is perfect in everyway but one. She chases vehicles, mainly, but also horses, sheep, rabbits. I can be shouting her name until I’m blue in the face but she won’t come back until she is exhausted.

We have been to dog training classes but being slightly disabled I could not keep up with the walking in a circle or figure of eight, plus she has learnt not to ‘heel’ too close otherwise she gets bumped with either my walking stick or shoe. She doesn’t pull on the lead and loves to meet other dogs, although rather too frantically for some.

She is great when training with treats and returns to me everytime and will sit and stay for as long as I make her. But add a vehicle or animal and she’s off.

I have had to keep her on an extendable lead for the past few months as I just cannot trust her with vehicles. Plus loud noises and shes off too! Imagine a person stuck to a tree by an extendable dog lead wrapped round them and that was me this morning! As this behaviour has only started three/four months ago I’m guessing It’s something I’m doing but a sharp tug on the lead and a loud ‘No’ just is not stopping her.

I’m frantic with worry that she’s going to ‘catch’ a car so any help you can give will be appreciated.

Hi Joanne – what a cutie!!! Yes you did the right thing to take your pooch to dog training classes as that is the best cure. This would normally be a relatively easy problem to have – but….yes there is a ‘but’ – your dog has developed 5 years of behavioral problems associated with running after cars, horses etc.

It may surpise you that my parents also had a very similar problem with their Jack Russell – however, Horses were Gerties particlular favorite – they live in Wiltshire right in the New Forest so they often had the problem of Gertie running off after a Horse, smell or noise. However, Gertie was young and soon grew out of it – with your pooch you will need to start from the beginning.

Take a look at our section under ‘Dog Training Tips’ as at the bottom we have provided a page on training your dog to come.

I would personally start by socializing your dog with Cars – get him used to being around cars and noises. Take him into town – attach a leash and reward good behavior. It is natural for a dog to chase things – it’s in their instincts. However, the reason your dog is doing is is because it’a new experience. Having been in a Rescue home – the noise and sight of cars is just too tempting. Socialization is the key – attach a leash and get your dog so bored of being around cars, sheep, horses and noises etc that he just doesn’t get excited by them anymore. When he comes back reward everytime!

Try this and also try and take your dog back to training classes as all socialization is beneficial for your dog. There are negative reinforcement tools that spray air or give a shock from a collar when your dog runs off – but we don’t advocate this unless it is absolutely in your dog’s best interests – i.e. you have tryed everything else and your dog is at risk of being run over.

Hope this helps and let me know how you get on.