Dog Chasing Cat – How can you get my dog to stop following my kitten

Dog Chasing Cat – How can you get my dog to stop following my kitten

by ginger
(prince george bc can)

How do I stop my dog chasing my Cat as my dog stalks my kitten all the time?

Our Response

Hi some breeds are certainly more inclined to chase cats – for example most Terriers, Weimaraners, most herding breeds including Border Collies, Australian Cattle Dogs, Pit Bulls and especially Akitas – so if your dog is one of these breeds then it is quite normal (but it does not make it any easier for you or your cat!

The reason why these breeds are more prone to chasing cats is due to their ‘prey drive’ making them more likely to want to chase cats.

When your dog is around your cat you need to attach a leash to your pooch and teach him some focus attention training. This involves wathcing your dog for any signs that he is about to chase or stalk your cat – an example of this would be if your dog started licking his lips, or narrowing his eyes. When you see this call your dogs name and jump to the right – as soon as you move to the right your dog will follow. Call his name at the same time as you move. Now hold a treat at eye level so that your dog is looking at you – now give him the treat. Practice this daily until you are confident that your dog will respond to you whenever you use this technique. Socialization is also a big key to success – try and get your dog used to your cat so he knows that the cat is part of the pack and not something that should be stalked or chased.