Dog Displaying Anxiety – Dog afraid to enter room where her food and water is kept

 Last night at dinner time my 4 year old Mi-ki was excited, as always, following me down the hall to her “room” where her food and water is kept but she stopped outside the door and wouldn’t come in. I walked out figuring she’d eat when she got hungry but 2 hours later, nothing. I went into the room and sat on the floor, she came in with her head down and tail between her legs and hid under my leg. I took the food bowl to the kitchen to refrigerate it and she started jumping around. When I set it down she gobbled up the food like she was starving.

She did the same thing again this morning. I got her to take a bite but she ran back out of the room into the hallway to eat it, then wouldn’t come back in. When I set it down in the hall just outside the door she gobbled it up again.

I looked around but didn’t see anything wrong and since I live alone it’s not possible that someone could have frightened her. This is very odd behavior for her and I’m at a loss.

Our Response

Hi and thanks for your question as it helps to keep our site happy and healthy. This is very odd behavior and to be honest I am a little stumped too! Mainly because it is really difficult for me to get a really good idea without seeing your dog’s behavior. I would start by having a good look around as it might be that your dog has had an accident somewhere (pooped) and is really worried that you will tell him off.

My advice would be to keep trying – do the things that you have already tried. Wait to feed your dog until he is really hungry and then take the food in – sit with him to start with and gradually over a period of time start to distance yourself from the eating area. You could also try putting something that has your scent on it in the room too. See how this goes – if it doesn’t work see if you can speak to your vet about anything natural that might have a calming affect.