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Dog Lead Training – Problems Solved

dog lead training

Learn how to cure dog lead training problems with our free dog training techniques, methods, tools and commands so leash training a dog or puppy becomes fun rather than problematic.

Most dog lead training problems such as your dog or puppy chewing on their lead or your dog taking you for a walk are relatively easy to cure.

Below we have listed common lead training problems and given you the training tools to cure this problem behavior.

Dog Lead Training

How to stop your dog chewing on his lead.

The Problem

It is not uncommon when you are training your dog or puppy to walk on a lead for your dog to chew their lead or even try and climb it – (we are assuming that you are lead training a young dog or a puppy.)

The Cure

Although we would normally encourage you to use the dog obedience training tools that you have learned from our site.

We will cheat on this one as it is a quick fix but also works very effectively and allows you more time to focus on the training.

You simply purchase a bitter-tasting spray from your local Vet.

It is perfectly safe and non-toxic but tastes pretty awful for a dog or puppy.

Spray anything that you don’t want your dog to chew on – and your dog won’t go near it a second time!

This works really well when you are dog lead training and stops dog chewing behavior that can lead to dominance problems in later life – so its good to cure it fast!

Dog Lead Training.

How to stop your dog climbing up the lead.

The Problem

It is also quite a common problem for a young dog or puppy to jump or try to climb up their lead.

The Cure

This is a dog behavior problem and is quite easy to cure.

When your dog or puppy starts to climb up the lead you should repeat in a stern voice ‘Off” or ‘No’.

When you have said this you should move away and then give the ‘Sit’ command.

By this stage in your dog training regime or puppy obedience training program your dog should now understand that sit means sit.

You should not be doing this outside as it is too distracting – stay inside until your dog or puppy has mastered this technique and has completely stopped trying to climb the lead.

Dog Lead Training.

How to stop your dog or puppy pulling you!

The Problem

How many times have you been walking your dog and seen another dog walker being dragged along by his dog or puppy.

The Cure

When leash training a dog or puppy you should keep a treat in your hand when you take your dog or puppy for a walk and let your dog know that you are carrying it.

If your dog starts to pull, you should stop and lure your dog with the treat back to your side and then turn and walk in the other direction.

If you take a look at our section on dog leash training we teach you how to train a dog to walk beside you without a leash before you attach the leash – eliminating the problem before it starts.

When dog obedience training, prevention is always better (and quicker) than cure.

Dog Lead Training.

How to stop your dog from collapsing and refusing to walk.

The Problem

Sometimes a dog or puppy refuses to continue walking.

Sometimes they do it because they feel intimidated by other dogs or they roll over submissively because they think it is a game.

This can be quite frustrating when you are out for a walk with your dog or puppy and he just refuses to walk anymore and lies down on the floor.

Your not going to drag your dog and their is not much you can do if you don’t have the tools – so you need a cure!

The Cure

You should have a treat or a toy in your hand when you are dog lead training but first you need to find the reason why your dog is lying down and refusing to walk.

You firstly need to make sure that their is nothing that is close by that is the reason for the fear – a loud noise or fire work.

You should then turn and face your dog and take a step backwards.

After you have done this you should then use your toy or treat to lure your dog back on to his feet so that you can continue with the walk.

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