Dog Peeing in House – My Six month old Puppy Pees on the Couch!

Dog Peeing in House – My Six month old Puppy Pees on the Couch!

by Robin

My Dog (Puppy) is Peeing in the House

Even right after she has been out, my 6 month old cavalier hops on the couch and any bed and pees on it!

Hi and thanks for the question. Don’t panic too much your puppy is at the age when she is developing and becoming an adult. It is very common for a puppy at this age to start showing signs of sexual maturity her hormones will be raging and you should expect all sorts of challenging behavior. Continue to train your puppy.

Remember a small puppy needs to be told why they are going outside – don’t just take her out and then bring her back in again. Tell her why she is gong out.

1. Attach a leash – say ‘Poop Time’.
2. Wait for her to do her business (take her to the same potty area every-time).
3. When she is about to go – say ‘Go Potty’. When she has done her business give her lots and lots of praise and some treats.
4. Give your puppy an allotted time to pee or poop. If she does not go in the time you have given her – take her inside and place her in the Crate for a few minutes (this will stop her peeing on the Couch and will enable you to keep an eye on her). Put her in the Crate and then take her back outside repeating the process above.

Some more tips…

1. Purchase an enzyme cleaner to get rid of the smell on the couch – any pee or poop smell will stimulate your puppy’s bladder and she will just keep peeing on it – the smell needs to be completely removed.
2. If your puppy is still having problems use the umbilical chord method. Attach a leash to your puppy and then tuck the leash in your belt. So wherever you go your puppy will have to follow. This will also mean you can catch your puppy if she is even thinks about having a pee – and then follow the process above so your puppy knows why you are taking her outside.

Hope this helps and there are some more links below.