Dog Potty Training, Potty Training Dogs, Potty Training Puppies

In this section on dog potty training you will the best dog training techniques, tips, methods, commands and tools so potty training dogs is easier and faster.

On this page we will aim to cure common issues that you may face when potty training a dog, including problems when your dog hates it when it’s raining outside, peeing on the carpet straight after being let out, your dog taking ages to potty, problems when your dog toilets in his crate and lots more common questions answered.

It’s Never to Late to Potty Train a Dog.


Of course in an ideal world it is best to potty train a dog from an early age, consequently we have provided a useful section on early puppy potty training.

However, it is never too late to train a dog or puppy in any aspect of dog obedience training you just need to be a little more patient and not rush the training process.

I let my dog out to potty but as soon as I let him inside he toilets on the carpet?


You need to tell your dog why he is going outside. If you haven’t told him how is he supposed to know that he was supposed to potty?

By simply letting your dog outside he is going to do what dog’s do i.e. run around, sniff things and whatever else your dog fancys doing. You need to start by:

    1. Actually attaching a leash to your dog and go outside together.
  • Watch for signs that your dog is going to potty and use the cue that you learned in our section on potty training a dog – ‘Go Potty’ or ‘Potty Time’ and repeat this at the moment that your dog looks like he is about to do is business.
  • Repeat this until your dog is successfully using his time outside to potty rather than play.

My Dog Pees on the floor every-time I get home or go to stroke him?

Dogs communicate in different ways to humans. It is quite common for a dog to pee on the floor when a higher ranking dog approaches.

This is your dog displaying that he is inferior to the other dog and not the pack leader or alpha male.

This is exactly what happens when you approach your dog. He is doing what is called submissive urination and by peeing on the floor he is acknowledging you as the pack leader and higher ranking within his pack i.e. the family.

Without realizing it when you loom over your dog when you go to stroke him you are being quite dominant and according to dog psychology you are assuming a very assertive position.

You will probably see this happening with certain people – it maybe someone who is tall or has a particularly loud or deep voice. This is not a house training problem but more of a communication problem.

Try approaching your dog in a non-threatening manner without displaying your dominance – stroke him under the chin and don’t lean over him.

If you are having submissive urination problems when your dog gets over excited which is a common problem associated with cocker spaniels and springer spaniels – try following our basic dog training advice listed below:

    • When you enter the House after being out and your dog is getting over excited – completely ignore your dog.
  • Do not even look at your dog or make any eye contact.
  • Do not go to stroke your dog.
  • Wait for about 15 – 20 minutes and then in a normal voice without raising your voice in excitement acknowledge your dog.
  • After you have acknowledged your dog then take him outside to potty.
  • Tell all of your family and any visitors to do the same.
  • After a while your dog should gain better control over his bladder and you will notice fewer accidents until it hopefully stops completely.

Top Dog Tip – Always check with your Vet to make sure that any dog potty training problems are not being caused by medical problems.

My Dog refuses to potty outside when it is raining?

This is something that we recently encountered with a Yorkshire Terrier who was as bold as brass normally but at the sight of rain he just would not go outside to potty.

As with any aspect of dog obedience training and puppy obedience training you need to try to understand your dog and this is no different when dog potty training.

Think about it for a second would you want to go outside to pee if it meant getting wet?

It may sound like you are being a bit soft but try taking your dog out while you hold an umbrella – and give him a treat after he has been.

It is often the case that if your dog sees you go out with him then he is more likely to potty outside.

If the rain is really pouring down and you both go outside – really make him feel special by giving him lots of praise and a really special treat like a piece of beef – not just a dry biscuit.

As your dog has done something that he does not like doing he needs to feel that he has done something really special so lots of praise and a nice treat goes a really long way.