Dog Training Interviews with Top Dog Trainers

Dog Training Interviews

Interviews with Top Dog Trainers

dog training interviews

In this section we are responding to a deluge of e-mails regarding the need for first time and even more experienced dog owners to have the opportunity to have their dog training questions answered by top dog trainers!

We receive many emails and questions regarding all areas of puppy and dog obedience training…

Whether its learning how to stop your dog barking…?
How to crate train a puppy…?
What’s the best dog breed for children?
How do you stop your puppy whining in his crate at night?
Whats the best methods to potty train a puppy?
Are certain dog breeds dangerous?
What is behavior modification?
Does Cesar Millan’s methods work?
What is positive reinforcement?
Should dog trainers use negative reinforcement tools such as shock collars?
What is the easiest dog breed to train?

This is just a quick sample of some of the questions that we have on our dog and puppy questions page that we are going to ask some of the top dog trainers in the UK, Canada and the US.

Yes we said the top dog trainers!!! We e-mailed them and they are responding fast and furious to our questions, which we will add as quickly as we get the answers.

Here is our list of top dog trainers that we have interviewed – please be patient as this is a new adition to our page and we are in the process of adding more dog trainers as we get their reply’s.

1. Shannon Pennings

2. Eric Goebelbecker

3. Denise Nuttall

4. Neil Sattin

5. Nij Vyas

6. Caroline Woolley

7. Leslie Smith from

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