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Dog Warts


dog warts

What Causes Dog warts (Cutaneous Papillomas)?

A Brief Guide

This condition is normally due to a viral infection  Papillomavirus (PV) but it can also be due to your dog or puppy (puppies get them too) being over vaccinated.

There are many different types of warts – but two common ways a pooch will get them – one which can affect dogs of all ages and will cover anywhere on the body, including on the face, on the feet and even on your dog’s eyelids (they will grow anywhere)!

The second type normally affects younger dogs (puppies) and normally puppies under the age of 2 years of age. This type is highly contagious and will normally affect specific areas most notably the genitals, mouth and also the eyelids…

Anyway thats just an intro – below we have provided more information on this symptoms, treatment and the odd home remedy for you try (although you should speak to your vet first)…

So lets get started….

Dog Warts – Causes

A More In-depth Guide…!

What Causes Dog Warts…?

Dog warts are normally shaped like a cauliflower and can grow up to 5cm in size. The most common time that you will notice that your dog or puppy has developed warts is when you are either stroking, bathing or grooming your dog or puppy.

There color can vary but they are normally pale in color but they can also be quite pigmented. The cause of warts in dogs is normally due to a  viral infection – Papillomavirus (PV). Warts caused by this virus will normally clear up and regress but this can take many months to happen and some vets will surgically remove the wart.

There are normally two different ways that dogs and puppies will contract the skin condition.:

  1. The lumps and warts will either affect dogs of any age but more commonly in older dogs – where they will appear on the face, feet and even on the eye lids.
  2. The second variety is a highly contagious variety that normally affects puppies under the age of 2 years of age – they normally affect specific areas including the genitals, eye lids and the mouth. The warts will normally group in specific area – even inside your dog’s lip.

Another Cause of this condition is due to Vaccinosis – this is when your dog or puppy has a negative reaction to a specific vaccination – however if your dog or puppy has been over vaccinated this is thought to be a cause.

Symptoms of Dog Warts…

The obvious symptom of this condition is the warts themselves – the color can vary depending on the individual wart – but their appearance will normally be similar in appearance to that of a Cauliflower.

Although the condition is not normally painful to your dog or puppy they can be very irritating – imagine if you had them in your mouth and on your feet. Always get them checked out by your vet especially if they change in color or change shape and grow bigger over a short period of time.

As you can imagine – if your dog or puppy has developed the warts in the mouth this may lead to a loss of appetite, have problems eating, start drooling and even lose weight.


The treatment for this condition depends on the symptoms that your dog or puppy is showing. If the warts are not causing any immediate problems then they will normally be left as they tend to regress and disappear over a period of time. However, if they are causing problems with your dog or puppy such as difficulty eating, weight loss and generally making your dog’s life a misery then your vet may surgically remove the warts by freezing them also known as Cryosurgery.

The vet will take a biopsy which will determine the cause of the warts – and if it is the very contagious variety it is very important that you don’t let your puppy mix with other dogs or puppies otherwise they will pass the condition on – this includes not allowing your puppy to share water or dog food bowels with other dogs or puppies.

A home remedy should always be checked with your vet first but below are some natural home remedies that are sometime used to treat the skin condition including Castor Oil and even Vitamin E.

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