Are your Dogs Eating Grass, vomiting bile, white frothy sick,

Are your Dogs Eating Grass?

dogs eating grass


Is your Dog or Dogs Eating Grass…?

On this page we tell you why your dog or puppy maybe eating or chewing on grass, vomiting bile or white frothy sick and if this behavior is bad for your dog or puppy…

It is not uncommon for dog and puppies to eat a mouthful of grass and then two minutes later start vomiting the grass back up with bile or white frothy sick or saliva stuck all over the grass….mmm nice!

Below we have listed some of the reasons why your pooch exhibits this behavior…

Are your Dogs Eating Grass?

The Reasons Why!


  • Many dog owners and trainers think that the reason why dogs eat grass is to get rid of a build up of digestive juices that have built up in their stomach.
  • Sometimes very fine grass is eaten to add some extra roughage to his diet.
  • It is not uncommon for dogs and puppies to practice this behavior at certain times of the year when the grass is sweeter.
  • A dog or puppy may practice this behavior as they maybe missing some fiber in their diet.
  • Your dog or puppy maybe eating grass as they have an upset stomach and eating it helps stimulate them to start vomiting.
  • A dog has a natural instinct to vomit if they have the slightest worry about infection or fear that they may have eaten something poisonous – this goes back to their days in the wild where without vomiting they may have died.

Dogs eating grass is seldom a health concern unless…

  • You feel that you may have left some oil or petrol on the garden after you have mowed the lawn.
  • The grass has been sprayed by dangerous toxic chemicals.
  • Your dog or puppy is persistently vomiting and it contains blood. Check out our section on the cause of dog vomiting for more advice…
  • Your dog or puppy is constantly vomiting eating grass and then vomiting again.

Just use your common sense and if you have any worries about your dog’s health speak to your vet as it is always better to be safe than sorry!

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