Five Rules of Crate Training – My puppy Hates his Crate

Five Rules of Crate Training – My puppy Hates his Crate

We have two crates – one metal in the kitchen and one soft side in our bedroom. He doesn’t like to be left in either but the soft side where he sleeps at night brings on barking, wining, panting and a general wild frenzy. Last night he chewed his way out.

I am backing up today and following your crate training procedures.

What should we do when he works himself into a frenzy?

Hi, I’m sorry to hear about your problems – I can tell you are at the end of your tether. I will go through a few steps (or rules as I like to call them)!

1. It is always best to let your dog or puppy whine and to not let them out of the crate as this will only reinforce the behavior. However, if you think that your puppy is going to injure himself then of course you should let him out.
2. Due to the fact that your puppy really hates his current crate – you will probably need to start the crate training process again with a new crate that he has not associated any nasty experiences with. Is there a crate that your puppy prefers? Do you notice any different reaction with the metal and soft side crate – this is quite important – for example if your puppy is only getting into a frenzy in one of the crates then you have located the problem.
3. Purchase a new crate – do NOT force your puppy into the new Crate – leave it in the hall or bedroom or wherever you would normally leave it. Put some things that have your scent on and leave them in the crate. Leave the door open so your puppy can go in and out of it without feeling pressured. Throw some treats in the crate and put your puppy’s food in the Crate (do not close the door until he is really happy going in and out).
4. Take your puppy to puppy training classes and ask other owners and the resident dog trainer questions – this will enable you to learn from other people who have mad similar mistakes.
5. Don’t give up – keep practicing – during the crate training process do not leave your puppy in the crate for hours at a time. If your puppy is barking and whining wait until he is quiet before you let him out.

Hope this helps and check out the links below for more advice and support.

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