Free Puppy Training Tips – 12 Week Old Yorkie very Aggressive towards other 12 week Yorkie

Free Puppy Training Tips – 12 Week Old Yorkie very Aggressive towards other 12 week Yorkie

by Michele
(Salina, KS)

Some Free Puppy Training Tips

How do I stop my first yorkie (12 week) from chasing and biting my other (12 week) yorkie

We had the first puppy less than 2 weeks and then got the other puppy.

The first puppy is playful and full of energy. The second puppy is very laid back. She has started to bite back. She is now often starting the fights. She just can’t finish them.

What can I do?

Also, the first puppy is pad trained but the second puppy is not. I put her on the pad and she steps off and potties on the floor. Many times she hides to do this. How do I train her to a potty pad. She stood on the pad for an hour, stepped off and pottied on the floor.

Our Response

Firstly thanks Michelle for your question – every question is important to us and it helps to keep our sure happy, healthy and full of beans!

I will start with the first question…

Don’t forget that your little puppies are very young and I mean they ae babies and are still learning everything about their new environment. It won’t tae long for your puppies to discover who is the dominant female – this will involve some of the following behavioral problems…

Twelve Weeks Old – Common Issues

Your puppy will start to test the boundaries with everything that you do – yep she will challenge not only you but other animals in the property. Your puppy may become more aggressive, stubborn and even play rough and even bite other animals and puppies in the household. Puppies at this age need to be kept in line – you need to remain top dog and the pack leader in their environment. Start obedience training – using basic dog training commands like ‘sit’, ‘come’ and ‘leave it’. If you spot your puppies getting too over the top divert their attention to something like a chew or toy. I they keep playing up then say ‘No’ and separate them for a few minutes using the ‘sit’ command. We really advocate the use of puppy training classes as they are so important and they really work. Not only can you ask other owners questions but you have a professional dog trainer on hand to reinforce positive behavior and correct any negative behavior.

Puppy Potty Pad Training Tips

With the problems associated with pad training try some of the following tips.

1. You need to explain to your puppy why she is on the pads in the first place – the reason for this is that your puppy really does not have any clue as to why she is on the pad.
2. Get some really good pads that have a chemical stimulant in them – this will stimulate your puppy to want to pee or poop on the pads.
3. Attach a leash to your puppy – this is called the ‘Umbilical Method’. Put the leash in your belt and wherever your puppy goes you will go too. As soon as your puppy looks like she is about to potty. Say ‘Potty Time’ and take her to the pad. Place her on the pad and say ‘Poop Time’ – give her lots of praise and a treat when she has done her business.
4. Keep a poop schedule – this will tell you when your puppy is more likely to pee or poop – this will be when your puppy first wakes up, after drinking, eating and before bed.

Anyway hope this helps