How To Stop A Dog From Pooping In The House When Gone

by Brady
(rose city, mi, usa)

Every single time without fail that I leave the apartment that I live in my 1 1/2 year old Pitbull mix dog poops in his bed how do I stop this from happening. Also he barks at everything and everybody he comes across what do I do about this?

Our Response

Thanks for your question – whenever someone tells me that their dog is still pooping in the House or Apartment it means that they have not been completely house trained – this is so normal and not something you should blame yourself for as it happens all the time. I would start by changing the bedding – the smell of old poop and pee on his bedding will stimulate him to pee and poop there again – I would also change where he sleeps if his is possible. How long are you leaving your dog is it possible that you can get a friend to let him out or have a dog flap fitted? If your dog is unable to hold his bladder for that long get a litter box so he can learn to poop in that. Your will need to start the house training again so next time you are home – over the weekend attach a leash to your dog so that he will follow you around the Apartment – this gives you back some control. As soon as you see him about to poop say ‘Potty Time’ and take him straight outside – take him to the same place each time so he gets used to all the smells – as soon as he is about to pee or poop – say ‘Go Poop’ and then give him lots of praise and a reward.You should also gt your dog checked out just to make sure there are no medical problems making him poop.In relation to your dog barking you should try focus attention obedience training – this will divert your dog’s attention away from what he is barking or whining at. So keep a treat in one hand and as soon as he starts to bark – call his name and jump or move to the right or left. Your dog will follow you – as soon as he moves with you hold the treat at eye level so that he is looking straight at you rather than being focused on the other dog. As soon as he is looking straight at you give him the treat. Practice this five times a day so when he next starts to bark at another dog you will be able to instantly stop it.

In addition to this, here is a great video answering a very similar question from another dog owner. Hope this helps!