House Training a Puppy, House Training Puppies, Housebreaking a Dog

In this section you will learn common problems associated with house training a puppy, including the best free tips on housebreaking a puppy and how to cure common toileting problems that you may encounter when housebreaking puppies.

We will also include other useful dog training techniques, methods, and commands that can be used when house training a dog.

House Training a Puppy

Is there a difference between house training a puppy and housebreaking a puppy?

Just so you know, there isn’t a difference between housebreaking a puppy and house training a puppy.

Housebreaking puppies and dogs involves all the same dog and puppy obedience training techniques, methods and commands it just uses a different name.

House Training a Puppy – common problems.

Why can my puppy go all night without peeing but can’t hold it all day and ends up peeing in the House?

When you are house training a puppy and he is peeing in the house during the day – but can hold his bladder all night…

Think about it – your puppy is sleeping that is why he isn’t peeing or pooping.

The more active your puppy is the more body nutrients he is processing and the more he will need to pee.

If your puppy is holding his bladder all day and then ends up peeing or pooping in the House during the day…

He isn’t trying to make you angry or being difficult – he just can’t help it…

You manage to hold it all night and pee more during the day and it is the same for your puppy.

You also need to make sure that you are being realistic and are not leaving it too long to let your puppy potty outside.

The more you allow your puppy to have accidents in the House – the more he is able to practice that behavior.

Watch and supervise your puppy – when you can’t supervise him put him in his crate.

If you would like more information on crate training puppies – check out our specific section on crate training a puppy.

However, if your dog is a little older, you may find our section on crate training a dog more helpful.

House Training a Puppy – more puppy housebreaking problems cured.

I let my puppy outside but as soon as I let him back in he pees on the floor?

The reason your puppy is peeing on the floor is probably because he doesn’t actually know that you let him outside to potty

When you let your puppy outside by himself you are actually not giving your puppy any direction – if you have not completed puppy house training.

When you tell him ‘fido outside-potty’ he will not understand what those words mean as a result he will do what puppy’s and dogs do – chase flys, birds, butterflies etc everything apart from what he was supposed to do i.e potty!

Consequently when you bring him back inside, he realizes what he wanted to do and bingo he pees on the carpet.

Go back to the section on house training a puppy and complete the step by step guide.

It will involve you actually going outside with your puppy when he is attached to a leash – this is a pain especially when it is raining but it will train a puppy to realize the reason why you want him to go outside – and it will save on carpet costs!

If you would like more indepth information on potty training puppies, why not check out our section on potty training a puppy.

If you have an adult dog, take a look at our section on potty training dogs.

House Training a Puppy – common problems.

House training my first puppy was easy – but my new puppy is a nightmare?

All puppies and dogs are different and have unique personality traits and behavior.

Consequently dogs and puppies learn house training and obedience training at different speeds.

You also need to remember that your first dog will always have that special place in your heart – so you maybe looking back with rose tinted glasses.

If you really think about it I doubt your first dog was perfect – try not to compare your first dog with your new puppy.

Even if you had a litter of brothers and sisters – it is quite normal for each one to be trained at different speeds…

One puppy might be house trained in a week and the other may take months…

you need to be patient – you will get there!

House Training a Puppy – common problems.

Some House Training ‘Top Tips’.

Below are some top puppy housebreaking tips.

  • Be patient with persistent house-wetters and avoid cleaning up the mess in front of him.
  • Be calm and relaxed when you do clean up the mess.


If you are angry or shout at your puppy he will only go and toilet somewhere else in th House that is more difficult to find.

  • If you are using dog training techniques or methods such as puppy pad training and he is using the training pads successfully on a regular basis – start decreasing their use or remove them completely…
  • This will help encourage him and give him more confidence to potty outside.
  • If you are using a specific area such as one pad in one place in the House you are teaching your puppy to only potty in one place.
  • If you manage to get him outside – this one place maybe your favorite flower bed or prize rose bed.
  • Only using one training tool such as a training pad may result in your puppy being resistant to other dog training tools or dog training techniques.
  • If your puppy is only using a training pad you may end up taking him for a long walk and when he gets back to the House he may toilet on the pad as he is only comfortable with this training tool.
    • Put him on a lead and take him outside – and reward him when he goes.
  • If you are still having problems – step up your supervising regime.Watch how much he is drinking – and start a toileting time -table or schedule – walk your puppy or place him on a training pad during the toileting times i.e. straight after he has eaten, drank or woken up.
  • Reinforce positive dog or puppy behavior with praise and treats so that he knows that he has been a good boy!