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House Training a Puppy

Common problems Cured

Learn about house training a puppy, crate training a puppy & crate training a dog.

On this page we have provided more of the best free puppy training tips to cure common problems when house training dogs and puppies, including…

  1. What to do if your puppy used to be house trained and now isn’t
  2. What to do when your puppy stats peeing in the House again.
  3. What to do if your puppy keeps peeing in your shoes and in the bed.
  4. What to do if your puppy toilets in his crate.


House Training a Puppy

My puppy used to be house trained and now he has started peeing in the House again – what should I do?

If your puppy has suddenly had a change in his behavior I would take him straight to the Vet to make sure that their is no physical reason as to why he is peeing or pooping in the House – it maybe a urinary tract problem or some other physical problem – don’t bury your head in the sand – take him to the Vet.

If your Vet says their is nothing physically wrong with your puppy – you may need to take a look at his environment at home – what has changed?

Are you getting more visitors? Have you got a new pet? Is your puppy showing signs of puppy separation anxiety or is it submissive urination?

Has a child gone to University?

Any arguing or fighting in the family?

Remember that your puppy is a member of the family and is very tuned into what is going on at home…

Consequently any changes may stress him out and result in puppy behavior problems

Try taking your puppy for extra long walks and reward him when he behaves well – also try figuring out the issues that have caused this sudden change in his behavior.

You can also check out our section on puppy behavior and puppy development for more information.

House Training a Puppy

My puppy was fine in our old House and now he pees everywhere in our new House.


When you are house training a puppy you also need to remember that just like humans – they may get nervous when things around them change – and this includes moving House.

As previously mentioned people show signs of stress in different ways and so do puppies and this maybe include your puppy starting to have accidents around the House.

Some puppies learn House training in one place but are unable to transfer their skills to a new environment – this is easily curable but will mean starting puppy housebreaking from the beginning.

House Training a Puppy

When I am at work my puppy pees in my shoe and on my bed – what do I do?

This does sound quite like puppy separation anxiety (but check with your vet first.)

Your puppy isn’t being stubborn or difficult he is probably just stressed and a little nervous about being left on his own.

When a human is stressed we may have a drink or indulge in some chocolate – when a puppy is stressed he may chew on your shoe or have an accident.

Their is also another reason why your puppy is peeing in your shoe or on your bed – it’s because he misses you and wants to be near something that smells like you – i.e your shoe or your bed or anything that has a strong scent of YOU and to be feel more secure he will pee on this scent.

It would be great to be able to take your puppy or dog to work with you so that you don’t have this problem – but that really isn’t feasible – your puppy needs to realize that it is ok to be on his own and to feel safe on his own.

If you are having problems when house training a puppy try leaving your puppy in a confined area near some of his favorite toys to comfort him.

Also a trick that we often use is to leave the TV or radio on as it makes him feel that he is with someone.

If your puppy is really having problems and extreme dog separation anxiety it maybe worth consulting a puppy behavior therapist. However, always check with your vet first before anything else.

For more information on puppy separation anxiety and separation anxiety in dogs – check out our complete section on dog separation anxiety for more tips, techniques and information.

House Training a Puppy

My puppy toilets in his Crate?

The crate may be too big but there may be other reason as to why your puppy is peeing in his crate.

  • Make sure that you are not leaving your puppy in his crate for too long.
  • A four month old puppy can only hold his bladder for about a couple of hours before needing a potty break and a six month old puppy can hold their bladder for about six hours.
  • When house training a puppy, if you are giving your puppy lots of potty breaks the crate maybe too big.
  • A crate should only be large enough for your puppy to stand up and turn around.
  • Remember that a puppy was trained by his mum to keep his bedding area clean, so if the crate is really big he will be able to potty on his blanket in the corner but still stay nice and dry himself.
  • If you have purchased a crate that is too big, either get a smaller crate or purchase a divider.

For more information on crate training puppies take a look at our section on crate training a puppy.

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