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House Training Dogs



house training dogs

House training dogs and puppies…

On this page we will provide more tips and a step by step guide on the best free puppy and dog training tools, commands and techniques on housebreaking a dog fast and effectively.

House Training Dogs

Step 1


  • It is important when house training a dog or puppy that you let him out regularly – this may even be every hour.
  • By letting your dog or puppy out consistently you are cutting down the risk of accidents happening around the House.
  • By letting your pooch out you are also giving him more chance to actually learn where he is allowed to potty and where he isn’t.

housebreaking a dog
When housebreaking a dog watch for the signs he is about to potty.

  • When house training dogs and puppies it is important that you learn to predict when he is about to potty. This may be your dog sniffing or pawing the ground.
  • Some dogs start to do the potty dance as we call it, this is when he starts to go around in circles and is about to go into the squatting postition – as soon as you see this take him outside.
  • You need to very closely supervise your dog or puppy after he has been fed, just woken up or when he has been on his own.


House Training Dogs

Step 2


  • After you have started to recognize the signs that your dog or puppy is about to potty, attach a leash and start to encourage him to go outside to potty.
  • When house training a dog or puppy don’t confuse your pooch by using different doors to get to the garden as this will confuse him – always aim to use the same door.
  • By using the same door and route you will know when you see your dog heading that way that he wants to potty – another way to anticipate when he is about to do his business.
  • If you always use the same door – when your dog or puppy has mastered the house training program you can attach a bell to the door and train him how to use this bell to let you know when he wants to potty.

For more information on bell training check out our section on housebreaking a puppy.

House Training Dogs

Step 3


  • After you have attached a leash to your dog and taken him outside, wait beside him and constantly encourage him to do his business – use ‘Go Potty’ or something short and snappy.
  • You must stay with your dog or puppy outside and remain attached to him, this will enable you to reinforce good behavior.
  • If you have waited for a long time and your dog or puppy still has not gone, then take him back into the House and place him in his crate or somewhere that is a confined area and you can supervise him.

For more information on puppy crate training and crate training dogs, check out our section on crate training a puppy.

For older dogs you may find our section on crate training a dog more useful.

  • When your dog starts to show the signs that he wants to potty – remember that you have not stopped supervising him so that no accidents have happened – take him outside again and repeat the first paragraph
  • After your dog or puppy has done his business, give him a treat and lots and lots of praise – really make a big deal of it.
  • When house training dogs and puppies always have some play-time after he has pooped as he will want to do his business quickly so he gets some play-time.

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