How do I stop my puppy Jack Rusell peeing on the floor?

How do I stop my puppy Jack Rusell peeing on the floor?

by Ian

Hi, I really don’t know what to do, everytime someone comes to visit my puppy crouches really low and pees all over the floor.

Although it happens with men and women it seems to be happening more with men – although I have no intentions of getting rid of Gertie (shes a Jack Russell) I really don’t want my carpet to keep smelling of pee. Thanks

Our Response

Hi Ian sorry for the late reply – I have been on hol so not able to get to a computer. This is such a common proble it really is – and so easy to cure. Ok imagine if you are a really small puppy and this big person comes leaning over you -it’s no wonder she pees on the floor -its an act of fear and defence. You need to ask visitors not to lean or be to ‘Alpha Male’ around your puppy as this will cause the peeing on the floor. If you think the peeing is due to excitement then ask visitors to ignore your puppy – don’t even acknowledge her – and before long she will learn to stop peeing. Remember that your puppy is still finding her feet so before long as she gets older she will start to get more control over her bladder. Another good tip and this may well cure problem is to start socializing your puppy with as many new expereiences as possible – the more people and different experiences that she gets used to the more confident she will become. Hope this helps – oh and I have a very good friend with a Jack Russell called Gertie how strange!