How to Stop Dog Barking – My 2 yr old Rottweiler cross always barks


by Rachel
(Western Australia)

Hi, I have a Rottweiler cross that is nearly 2 years old and he always barks at cars passing by and people walking past our house.It is worse when we are all at work and noone is there to correct him each time he does it. I have tried a whistle to distract him and a shock collar and even a muzzle and none if it worked for any longer than a day. I shout at him to stop barking every time he does and call him to me to sit and he does react well to that unless they are close to our fence or i’m not there to do that. He got used to the shock collar and learnt to bark through the muzzle. We are in a quiet area and neighbours have already started to complain. I have taken this puppy on so he wasn’t put down. Is some one able to help me I would hate for this animal to be put to sleep because of his natural instinct to protect the home. PLEASE HELP!

Our Response

Hi this sounds like a bad case – if it is becoming so serious I would get a professional dog trainer to come in and work with your dog one on one – it does not always cost very much and you can get great results. However, below are some tips and advice on what you can try…

Reasons why dog’s bark..

Anxiety – This is when a dog is very anxious it might be due to separation anxiety – the actual act of barking starts to relax the dog and after a bark your dog might start whining.

Boredom – This is simply because they have nothing else to do – if he barks and it is then reinforced by you doing something like patting him or rewarding him then he will simply continue to bark – ignore barking and reward him when he is quiet.
To Passers By – This type of bark is to let people know that they own the property and don’t approach. This is a protective bark.

To Seek Attention – This typ of barking is to get your attention – and if you give him attention – he will continue to bark. Only respond to your dog when he is quiet.

Excitement – due to your dog being excited he starts barking or whining as he wants to let you know how excited he is – wait until he is quiet before you respond to his demands.

A Response to other Dogs – This type of barking is basically as a response to other dogs barking – its like when we hear our favorite song when a freind or passer by is humming it or singing it we start to copy it.

What you and do…

Divert his attention – this is vtital – as soon as he starts barking divert his attention by calling him over (this will work), ask him to sit (this will stop him barking). As soon as he sits say ‘Quiet’ and reward him with a treat and lots and lots of praise (put the treat right up to his muzzle – don’t have it four feert away)! Don’t say ‘Quiet’ lots of times say it once and mean it – just like you do when you say ‘Sit’. It is vital that you ask him to sit as soon as you say quiet and then give him the treat (keep you palm open an hold it directly under his mouth), this will also prevent the barking. This technique will work!