How to Stop Dog Barking

In this section you will learn how to stop dog barking…

We have so far managed to cure a mix of dog behavioral problems through a collection of free dog and puppy training tips, techniques, methods and commands…

Which includes information on teaching you how to stop your neighbors dog barking, growling, stopping your dogs digging and chewing, jumping up and lots more!

Did you know that one of the quickest methods to stop your dog barking is to actually train him how to bark on command first? Check out the below video and learn how to teach your dog to bark on command, as well as how to teach your dog to be quiet:

Each dog has different behavior patterns and traits that may make them
more likely to want to bark.

It maybe due to your dog having been abused or because of dog or even
puppy separation anxiety… we will cover the list in more detail

Whatever the reason behind your puppy or dog barking, growling or
whining, we will answer all of the most common questions so we can cure
this common behavior problem fas and effectively…

Why Dogs Bark

Here are some of the reasons why dog’s bark…

  • 1. Boredom
  • 2. Lack of puppy
  • 3. Attention seeking
  • 4. Puppy or dog
    separation anxiety
  • 5. Genetics-some dogs like Alsatians & German Shepherds are more prone to barking
  • 6. Your dog may be answering your neighbors barking dog.

How to Stop Dog Barking – A Step By Step Guide

  • Don’t make a big deal about leaving the House. If you get your dog excited by walking around the House jangling your car keys etc this will start to make your dog bark.
  • Start socializing your dog or puppy early, get your pooch used to new experience, people, animals and vehicles etc…
  • Get some free vet advice – there maybe a reason why your dog is barking. It is very important when learning how to stop dog barking that your pooch does not have any medical problems.
  • Remain the dominant pack leader and alpha male – this means eating first, going through the door first, and not letting your dog sleep in your bed.
  • Use positive reinforcement to reward your pooch when he is quiet. Don’t constantly reprimand your dog when he barks – just use the quite command that you learned in our section on dog barking training techniques.
  • If you constantly reprimand your dog when he barks he is getting lots of attention which maybe what he is after. Just reinforce good behavior with treats or a toy or just praise.
  • Don’t make a big deal of it when you get home – if you get your dog excited after being out he will start to think that it’s a really big deal when you leave the House.
  • Don’t leave your dog near a window where he can see other people or animals, close the curtains or put your dog in another room.
  • Leave the radio on, give your dog something that will stimulate him like a chew or a toy. You could even leave something that has your scent on as this will calm him down.
  • Play lost of games with your pooch as this will strengthen your bond and relationship. Take a look at our page on puppy games for more advice.
  • Give your dog or puppy lots of exercise this will make him tired and less likely to bark
  • For persistent problems excessive barking why not take your pooch to dog or
    puppy training classes as you can get free advice and can ask other owners questions and you can get face to face access to a dog trainer.
  • If your dog is barking in front of you do something to distract him, fill up a tin with some stones and give it a shake when he barks, this will startle him and when he is quiet give him a reward.

If you want to be successful when learning how to stop dog barking, be consistent, fair and actually try and understand what your dog is trying to communicate to you, he maybe actually trying to tell you he is hungry that he wants to go out or something else.

Congratulations, you have managed to control and learn how to stop dog barking in the future. Continue to practice each technique every-day until you have a dog or puppy who knows you will understand him without all the noise.