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Kennel Cough Treatment

kennel cough treatment

Kennel Cough Treatment Although Kennel Cough is a particularly unpleasant illness it is very rarely fatal in dogs – although it can be fatal if it is caught by young puppies.

There are number of ways that the condition can be treated and the symptoms can vary. However the most common cause of the condition is through exposure to Bordetella Bronchiseptica – other causes of the condition include Canine Parainfluenza 3 and Canine Adenovirus Type 2.

Transmission and Prevention

The condition is transmitted when numerous dogs or animals are confined in one area – this is normally either in boarding kennels, dog shelters and even at dog shows. The condition is transmitted through the air just like the human cold – the dog will then inhale the airborne particles and the illness will then be transmitted.

Due to the fact that the condition is highly contagious if you suspect your dog has the condition do not let your dog near other dogs or animals.

Conventional Kennel Cough Treatment

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