The Dog Owners Guide To Kennel Cough Treatment

Kennel cough treatment for dogs and puppies can come in a variety of forms. Although some people prefer to use home remedies including Homeopathic and natural alternatives other canine lovers prefer to use conventional treatments including conventional medications that will be prescribed by the vet. However, if you are one of those dog lovers who prefers a natural treatment then just scroll to the bottom of the page to read the reviews for a new treatment and cure for kennel cough.

Natural Home Remedies

It is important that you speak to your vet before you start to use your own home remedies as a kennel cough treatment. Below we have listed a few natural ways to treat the condition.

Honey – This is one of those natural ingredients that is fantastic at treating all kinds of illnesses. It is one of the reasons that it is included in cough medicines. Due to the natural soothing action that Honey has it is a great way to sooth the pain and soreness associated with the constant coughing that the condition will cause.

Start by mixing the Honey with some water and then either place it in your dog’s water bowl or administer it directly into your dog’s mouth with a medicine dropper. Your dog or puppy may not like it but persevere as it does have a soothing action to help alleviate the pain and inflammation caused by coughing.

Peppermint – This is another great natural kennel cough treatment. Make sure that the Peppermint mixture is nice and strong. We advise you to purchase the Peppermint Tea bags from a good natural health food shop and pour hot water over two Tea bags as this will make the mixture stronger and more beneficial.

Leave the Tea bags and hot water for twenty minutes and push a spoon against the Tea bags to get the full benefit. Now you should add a little Honey to the Peppermint mixture and either place the mixture in an empty dog bowl or administer it directly into your dogs mouth with a medicine dropper.

Wild Cherry Bark – This has a fantastic soothing action on the throat with the herb very effective at reducing the inflammation caused by the coughing. As well as soothing the throat it can also help to stop the coughing too.

Yerba Santa – This herb is often used to treat Kennel Cough that is producing an excessive amount of phlegm. Start by making a Tea exactly the same as you did with the Peppermint Tea i.e. nice and strong. This herb is considered a decongestant (helps to make breathing more easy by shrinking swollen blood vessels in the nose) and an expectorant (this helps to break up the mucus and move it so that it can be expelled from the mouth when your dog coughs).

Plantago Lanceolata – This herbal remedy is often used as an expectorant to help your dog or puppy cough up any phlegm or mucous that might be sitting on your dog’s chest. The herb also helps to alleviate any inflammation of the Bronchial Tubes.

Bryonia C6 – This works to moisturize irritated mucus membranes – it is also helps to clear any mucus out of the system.

Echinacea Purpurea –This is a fantastic homeopathic treatment often used to boost your dog’s immune system – especially when he is run down or suffering from a cold or virus and it also helps to boost your dog’s immune system too.

Conventional Kennel Cough Treatment

The most common Kennel Cough Treatment is through Antibiotics – just like with humans Antibiotics are often used to treat common virus’s and infections. Although Kennel Cough is a particularly unpleasant infection it is not normally fatal in older dogs although it can be in younger puppies – mainly because the young puppy may also get a secondary infection like Pneumonia.

The main cause of the condition is when a dog or puppy as been exposed to Bordetella Bronchiseptica – it is also possible that your pooch can contract the disease if it has been exposed to Parainfluenza and also Type 2 Adenovirus.

The most common (preventative) Kennel Cough treatment is through a vaccine that is administered directly up the nasal passage – this is a preventative treatment that will also protect against the condition. This nasal spray will protect against the main cause of the illness i.e. from the Bacterium Bordetella Bronchiseptica.

The above vaccine (nasal spray) will also protect against the disease for up to six to nine months. However, your dog will need primary and booster vaccinations also against Canine Distemper and Adenovirus. The vet may also prescribe a combined vaccine that helps to stimulate your dogs immune system to not only protect against Distemper and Adenovirus but also from Para Influenza which can also cause Kennel Cough.

Conventional Treatments

Pediatric Robitussin – This will be prescribed by a vet up to four times a day and is especially good for young puppies.

Inoculations – An inoculation is normally provided through an injection which will aim to boost the dog’s immune system. It is very similar to the nasal vaccination that was discussed earlier.

Vitamin C – This is another great protection and Kennel Cough treatment and just like in humans it is fantastic in helping to alleviate lung problems and common coughs and colds.