Leash Training a Rescue Dog or Puppy


by Linda
(Burley Id USA)

Please can you advise me I can learn the art of leash training a dog or puppy?

We have a rescue dog that is part standard poodle. He has warmed up to us and will go outside and stay by our sides for the most part. We have a harness and leash for him but he will lay down and shiver. We try to reassure him that is is ok but he will not get up. We need to leash train him for when we go on vacation in a couple of months. We don’t have any history on him other than he desperately needed a good home. He is our only pet and will be. Can you help?


Our Response

Firstly thanks for taking the time to ask a question – and congratulations on giving a rescue dog a new home. It is always difficult when you have no history or knowledge about how your dog was previously treated. When you purchase a new puppy and raise it from 8 weeks old you know exactly what to expect and you can start the obedience training from a very early age – you have a blank slate. Ok so lets give you some tips and advice so you can hopefully cure this very common problem.

1. I would start by taking your dog to training classes – this is the first step – I say this because you can start from the beginning with basic dog obedience training methods and work towards more advanced techniques. Dog training classes can also focus on leash training and you have a dog trainer who can guide you and your dog through the process and eliminate any problems and reinforce positive behavior.

2. Although pulling on the leash is a common problem – sitting down when attached to the leash is also a very common problem.

3. Start by attaching a leash to your dog and just let her walk around the House wearing the leash so he can get used to the leash.

4. Attach a leash to your dog and hold a treat in your hand – let your dog see the treat and your dog will automatically follow the treat in your hand and his will stop him from sitting down.

5. Take another dog out for a walk with your dog – make sure that the other dog is good at walking on the leash – praise and reward the borrowed dog and your dog will soon learn that he is expected to walk too.