My Dog Barks at the Builders

My Dog Barks at the Builders

by Nora

I have big problem right now with my dog
my parents are building a room in our backyard
and my dog keeps on barking at the builders and the people that come . he is driving me crazy i dont know what to do please help

Hi Nora – I’m sorry that your dog has developed a barking problem – believe me this is very common. Rather than going over old ground – take a look at our section on Problem Behavior on the navigation bar on the left and go through the page until you see the link to ‘Dog Barking Control’, ‘How to stop Dog Barking’, ‘Stop your Dog Barking at Neighbors’. It’s all covererd there.

However, I will give you a quick tip that is’nt covered on that page. The quiet command…

1. Get your dog to bark – do this by knocking on the door or ringing the door bell. When your dog is barking say ‘Ssshhh’ or ‘Quiet’ – use a hand signal at the same time.

2. Use the ‘Sit’ command to focus your dog’s attention.

3. Hold a treat – let your dog see the treat. As soon as your dog is quiet – and you need to time this just right and give your dog the treat and lots of praise.

4. Practice and practice – every-day as soon as your dog starts barking and before long your dog will learn to be quiet on demand.

Hope this helps.