Potty training a puppy, How can I teach my dog to hold herself until she's let out for potty?

Potty training a puppy, How can I teach my dog to hold herself until she’s let out for potty?

I have a 7 months old female Maltese poodle mix. I am having a hard time potty training her. She’s my second dog. I have followed all the potty training instructions, and she understands when I ask her to go potty. But when she’s loose, she’ll go anywhere, without giving me any clues.

Hi and thanks for your question – puppy potty training can be frustrating and it does take some time to get it right. The first thing to remember is that your puppy is still young at 7 months and her ability to hold her bladder will constantly improve until she is able to hold her bladder and not need to urinate anywhere near so often.

You are actually doing everything right so far you may have to keep the leash on a little longer. So attach the leash for a little longer before you take her outside. This is called the umbilical chord method and will involve you attaching a leash to your pooch and then tucking the end of the leash in your trousers or skirt. This means that everywhere you go your puppy goes – so if she is about to crouch and pee or poop say ‘NO’ pick her up and take her straight outside and reward her when she goes. By using this method you can reduce the chances of her peeing or pooping around the House.