Potty Training Cavapoo Puppies in a Flat

Potty Training Cavapoo Puppies in a Flat

by tracey clarke

This question is about potty training Cavapoo puppies when you live in a Flat or Apartment…

I have an 8 week old miniature cavapoo puppy, we live in a large flat above a pub, our dog will be sleeping on the top floor near us and the outside area is on the next floor down, how do I stop him weeing or pooping inside through the night? If this isn’t possible to stop how can you teach him to not wee inside when they can only hold their bladders for about an hour? I’m confused…

Our Response

Hi and thanks for taking the time to send us a quick email it helps our site to grow and prosper – I will do my best to answer your question as best as I can. Is it possible to access the outside area during the night? First you need to purchase a Crate – this is a great dog obedience training tool. Before you go to bed (or more importantly before your puppy goes to bed) take him for a walk and give him lots of exercise (assuming he has had all of his shots). This will get your puppy really tired (a good start when potty training). You are right about your puppy holding his bladder but this improves very quickly and it won’t be long before he will be able to hold his bladder all night. Don’t be too hard on your self as all puppies will have accidents it is all part of the learning process. If your puppy does not have access to an outside area during the night then the only real alternative is to either use a litter box or pads. A puppy will not want to pee or poop in his crate as they are trained by their mother when in the litter to keep their sleeping area clean. Start by setting the alarm and getting up in the night and take your puppy to the litter box or pads – give him a cue ‘Go Potty’ and the lot of praise when he had done his business (you will need to get up twice during the night – a puppy can often last for two hours before they need a pee – but this depends on how much they have eaten or drunk). After he has done his business put him back in his crate. Continue this for a few weeks and it won’t be long before you can get rid of the litter box as his bladder will be stronger and you will be able to take him outside.

Hope this helps and good luck