Potty Training Dogs, Potty Training a Puppy, Potty Training Puppies

In this section we will be curing more common problems associated with potty training dogs and adult dog potty training.

We will also cure house training problems that you may encounter when potty training puppies.

I have quite a young dog and he pees outside and then again after I let him back inside.

 When potty training dogs and puppies it is not uncommon for a young dog or puppy to do this.

You have simply brought your dog in to early.

Many puppies and dogs like to potty outside when they have found a nice smell and then a few minutes later they potty again.

You need to wait a little bit after the first time he goes so that his digestive system is stimulated again.

This should stop your dog or puppy messing on the carpet directly after being brought back in the House.

Try not to rush your dog too much.

My dog stays with my friend during the day and they like him to potty on some paper – but I like my dog to potty outside – will this confuse him?

Yes it is quite likely that it will confuse your dog or puppy as he is being taught two completely different places to potty.

Don’t be surprised if you happen to be reading the paper or leave the paper on the sofa and your dog pees on it – he is just very confused.

It is extremely important that everyone is consistent when dog potty training – or any training for that matter.

Ask your friends politely if they could use the same dog training methods and commands as you.

You could even offer to help them – try getting them involved in the potty training process – that way they may feel more eager to help.

I let my dog outside and it is taking him ages to do his business – how can I speed him up?

When potty training dogs and puppies or it is up to you how long you give your dog to potty. If you allow your dog twenty minutes to do his business then that is how long it will take him to do it.

The best way to cure this is to attach a dog leash to your dog’s collar and take him outside.

Use one of the dog training commands that you have chosen ‘Go Potty’ or whatever you decided on.

If you want your dog to do his business in ten minutes then only give him ten minutes.

If after the allotted amount of time he still hasn’t toileted take him back inside and place him in his crate for 15 minutes.

After he has been in his crate for this amount of time take him back outside.

Your dog will start to learn that he has an allotted amount of time to potty.

Be consistent when using the training technique – don’t give your dog or puppy twenty minutes to do his business on a Tuesday and then expect him to potty in five minutes on the Saturday.

My dog keeps having accidents in his crate?

There are a few factors to take in to account when potty training dogs:

  • Make sure that the crate is not too big. If your dog or puppy is able to potty in his crate and still stay dry – then it is too big.
  • A dog should be able to easily turn around, stand up and stretch out in his crate. You can purchase dividers to make the crate the appropriate size.
  • Make sure that your dog does not have any medical problems.
  • If your dog is toileting on his blanket – remove the blanket until he better able to hold his bladder.
  • Make sure that you are not leaving your dog in his crate for too long.An adult dog can normally last around 8 hrs without a potty break but a young puppy may only last a few hours.

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