Potty Training Labrador Puppies – My Puppy is Urinating on the Bed and Sofa


A Guide to Potty Training Labrador Puppies

Why does my rescued lab mix puppy urinate on my bed and sofa? I take her out very often and regularly. Most of the time she will bark at the door or come to me and whine when she needs to go out. I have only had her for a couple of weeks, but once yesterday she pooped on my bed when I was right there and twice today she pottied on the sofa right in front of me. I am at a loss as to what to do. She sleeps all night with me and has no accidents. She usually sleeps 8-9 hours and wakes me when she is up and needs to go out.

Our Response

Thanks for taking the time to ask a question it all helps to keep our site happy and healthy! Oh and congratulations on taking on a rescue puppy it’s great when people take on dogs that need a new home and family – especially when they have not had the best start in life.

1. Please remember it is very early days – a rescue puppy will take some time to get used to your rules as you don’t know how badly he was treated before you took him on. Remember that a rescue puppy may often pee or poop where they like and there is noone there to reinforce positive behavior and ignore negative behavior.

2. Take your puppy out more often – this will constantly reinforce exactly where you want him to pee or poop. Try and get a schedule when your puppy pees or poops – take notes and take your puppy out during these times – especially after eating, drinking, waking and after play.

3. You need to really clean the sofa as the smell will encourage your puppy to pee there – use an enzyme cleaner as this will get rid of the smell – Natures Miracle is a good product.

4. Try the umbilical chord method – attach a leash o your puppy and then tuck the leash in your trousers. This means your puppy is constantly attached to you and you will be able to spot any naught behavior. If your puppy looks like he is about to potty – take him straight outside – put a cue on it – something like ‘Potty Time’ and then take him outside – as soon as he is about to pee or poop say ‘Go Poop’ and when he is done give him lots of praise. Don’t take him straight back inside as male dogs often like to pee or poop again after they have gone the first time.

5. If your puppy gets on the Crate – say ‘No’ and put him on the floor. If you catch him in the act of peeing or pooping say ‘No’ and take him straight outside – your puppy will soon learn where and when to pee and poop.

6. When you are not able to supervise your puppy put him in his crate as this will stop him peeing or pooping on the Sofa – you need to really clean the Sofa as your puppy will still be able to smell where peed – this is like hanging a sign on the Sofa saying ‘Come and Pee Here’!

Hope this helps and good luck!