Potty Training My Puppy


by stephanie jones
(Cleveland Ohio)

I need advice on potty training my puppy. My puppy will pee on the puppy pad, but will not have a B.M. on it. Why? Please help me!!!

Our Response

Hi Stephanie I am sorry you are having this problem. Although many people choose to use puppy training pads as a potty training and House training method – I have to say I am not a huge fan. The only reason I say this is that I get so many people saying that they struggle to make the transition from the puppy peeing or pooping on the pads to pooping outside. Another problem is that once you have told your puppy that it is ok to poop on the pads (on the floor) you are basically telling him that its ok to continue pooping on the floor and not outside. What happens if a Newspaper is left on the floor open at the Sports section and he poops on it (this would be completely natural in your puppy’s little brain) the only difference with the pads is that they have a chemical substance contained in them that stimulates your puppy’s bladder. The basic idea behind puppy pad training is to encourage your pooch to pee and poop on the pads and gradually move the pads closer to the door until you put them outside completely.

The best thing to do is to let your puppy know where he is supposed to poop. Remember a small puppy and dog will need to be told exactly where he is supposed to pee and poop. In your puppy’s brain there is no difference between your best Sofa or new carpet than the garden outside – UNTIL you tell him.

If you want to continue using the training pads and you really want your pooch to poop on them as well as pee on them. Start by following a strict schedule. Your puppy is more likely to poop straight after waking in the morning, after eating and after play-time. So you now have your windows of opportunity.

Use this schedule and pick your puppy up straight after eating (or wait until you think he looks like he wants to poop) and pick him up and place him on the pads. As soon as he is about to poop – use a verbal cue ‘Go Potty’ and as soon as he has pooped give him lots and lots of praise and a treat. You can also make the process slightly easier by smearing a little poop on the pads as this will also help to stimulate you puppy to want to poop.

You could also choose to not use pads too – but that is entirely your choice…below is a quick guide to potty training a puppy without pads.

1. Start by attaching a leash to your puppy ad put a cue on going outside ‘Toilet Time’ or something similar.

2. Wait for the times he is more likely to poop – i.e. after waking, dinner or play-time.

3. Walk around the garden and wait for him to look like he is about to poop. As soon as he is about to go say ‘Poop Time’ and when he does his business give him lots of praise and a treat.

4. If your puppy does not go in the allotted time take him inside and put him in the Crate for a few minutes – wait and then try again.