Potty Training Yorkie Puppy


by Taya

We have an 8 month Yorkie. We take him out constantly (every 45 minutes) and yet he still potties indiscriminately wherever he wants in the house. He won’t let us know when he needs to go (no scratching at the door, or coming to us). We’ve tried the crate method, and he would hold it until he needed to go outside, it seemed to work, but he still pees and poops inside as well. What to do? He’s been fixed, he is a very smart dog, he just doesn’t seem to get the potty thing. Thank you much for your help!

Our Response

Hi firstly thanks for your question and I will do my very best to give you the best answer so you can solve this very annoying habit. Firstly Yorkshire Terriers are known to be more difficult to potty train – this is something that you need to be aware of. However, with a few basic dog training techniques you will succeed. Ok lets get started…

Firstly your puppy is at a very delicate stage in his life – he is reaching sexual maturity so you should expect some of the following behavior characteristics…

1. Scent making – this is very common – expect your puppy to start peeing over the furniture.
2. Lack of appetite
3. Sexual arousal
4. Your puppy may start challenging you
5. A dislike of other male dogs and possible aggression towards other male dogs
6. Roaming
7. May start mounting objects and people
8. Your puppy may start becoming more attentive towards female dogs
9. Your puppy may become easily excitable
10. General behavior problems

You need to start the potty training again from the beginning as your puppy needs re-training. You need to get back into a routine. Follow the below instructions..

1. Purchase a new crate – one that is only big enough for your puppy to stand up and turn around in. If it is too big then he will be able to pee or poop in it and stay clean. Dogs do not like to pee or poop where they sleep as its genetically programmed in each dog to keep their sleeping area clean – they are also taught this by the mother in the litter.

2. When you are not able to supervise your puppy put him in the Crate – this is whenever you are not able to see him. This will enable you to learn his behavior and when he is likely to potty.
3. Start a strict potty training regime. This involves feeding him at the same time each day. You need to be in control of his immediate environment as this will enable you to learn when he wants to potty. By feeding him at the same time you can then learn when he wants to potty. As soon as he finishs eating take him outside. When he wakes in the morning take him outside, when he drinks lots take him outside, when he gets excited take him outside, when you are about to go to bed take him outside – get the idea!
4. Attach a leash to your puppy each time you take him outside – put a cue on it – ‘Potty Time’ and go outside. Wait for him to look like he is about to poop and then say ‘Poop Time’ in an excited voice. As soon as he poops or pees give him a treat and lots of praise – you need to make a really big deal of it. If your puppy does not go in the allotted time take him inside and put him in his crate. You always need to give your puppy an alloted time to poop – the reason for this is that your puppy will soon learn to go in the time you have given him o go. Don’t expect him to go in five minutes on a Saturday if you have given him thirty minutes on a Friday.
5. Reward positive behavior and ignore negative behavior.

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